How safe is Xela?

In all, Xela is considered a safe Guatemalan city, especially compared to a few gang-riddled zones in Guatemala City. In reality, Quetzaltenango is probably safer to visit than pronounce. However, there are a few pieces of advice when traveling to Xela to ensure your safety. Be cognizant of crowds.

What is Xela known for?

Xela is also well-known for its abundance of volcanoes, mountains, and hot springs.

Is Xela worth visiting?

There’s nothing pretty about Xela. So why go to Xela? For one thing, it’s a good place to settle in for awhile to take Spanish classes or volunteer. There’s so much within spitting distance of the city that’s worth visiting and Xela is a good place to call home at the end of the day.

Is Guatamala City Safe?

Crime. Much of Guatemala City is fairly safe during the day, but once the shops close and there are fewer people on the streets, some areas can get dangerous. In the evening, don’t go out alone. Robberies, muggings, and even murder happen here.

Why is Quetzaltenango important to Guatemala?

Quetzaltenango is a centre for trade between the coast and the highlands and a processing centre with textile factories, mills, and breweries. The city has preserved much of its Neoclassical architecture.

How did Quetzaltenango get its name?

When Alvarado conquered the city for Spain in the 1520s, he called it by the Nahuatl name used by his Central Mexican Indian allies, “Quetzaltenango”, generally considered to mean “the place of the quetzal bird.” Quetzaltenango became the city’s official name in colonial times.

What to do in Xela Guatemala?

A little outside Xela itself, Lake Chicabal showcases a completely side of Guatemalan religious life. The crater lake is a sacred site for Mayans, and a walk around its circumference is likely to pass a Maya ceremony in full flow.

Where to eat and drink in Xela?

Xelapan is a bakery and café that has branches across the city, offering sweet snacks, bread, breakfasts, coffee, and cakes. No trip to Xela would be complete without a visit.

What to do after climbing Guatemala’s highest peak?

After conquering Guatemala’s highest peak, there’s a strong chance you’ll be in need of a rejuvenating trip to the spa. The pools at Fuentes Georginas, a short shuttle ride away from Xela, are naturally fed by hot sulfur springs, and while you relax, you can take in the stunning scenery all around.