How old is Spike O Dell?

68 years (May 21, 1953)
Spike O’Dell/Age
William (Spike) O’Dell (born May 21, 1953) a native of East Moline, Illinois, is an American former radio host for WGN Radio in Chicago, Illinois, United States.

What is Spike O’Dell doing now?

In 2014, he became a member of the WGN Radio Walk of Fame, paying tribute to his successful 22-year career at WGN in Chicago. Now retired, he and his family live in Nashville.

When did Spike O’Dell retire?

O’Dell rose to the occasion and kept WGN’s huge morning audience intact. For the next eight years, his show delivered top ratings. In 2008, at age 55, O’Dell voluntarily walked away from it all and retired with his wife to Nashville, Tennessee.

Where is Lisa Dent now?

Lisa Dent, who’s been a popular Chicago radio personality for two decades, will sign on as Monday-through-Friday afternoon host at WGN 720-AM in the new year. The Nexstar Media news/talk station announced the move Thursday as part of a new weekday lineup starting January 3.

Who is Lisa Dent on WGN?

Lisa Dent was inducted into the Country Radio Hall of Fame in 2016. Dent has been heard as a fill-in host on WGN Radio since January. Veteran Chicago journalist and Northwestern alumna Anna Davlantes will assume the role of investigative correspondent with special reporting, covering news stories in-depth.

What station is Ramblin Ray on?

WLS-AM 890
Big John and Ramblin’ Ray | WLS-AM 890 | WLS-AM.

Who is Anna davlantes married to?

David R. Gamperlm. 2011
Anna Davlantes/Spouse
Davlantes married David R. Gamperl, a businessman; the couple had a daughter, Gabriella Britton Davlantes Gamperl, in 2011.

How much is country singer Ray Stevens worth?

In the 1970s, Stevens was a producer in Nashville. He recorded the songs for Barnaby Records and Warner Brothers during 1970–79….

Net Worth: $8 Million
Born: January 24, 1939
Country of Origin: United States of America
Source of Wealth: Professional Singer
Last Updated: 2021

What was Ray Stevens real name?

Harold Ray Ragsdale
Ray Stevens/Full name
Ray Stevens was born on January 24, 1939 in Clarkdale, Georgia, USA as Harold Ray Ragsdale. He is …

Was Ray Stevens ever married?

Penny Jackson
Ray Stevens/Spouse

Does Ray Stevens still perform in Branson MO?

For years, Branson audiences have asked, “When will Ray be back?” Now, after five years, Ray Stevens returns to Branson with all of his hits, all of his laughs and what he promises will be his best show yet. Welk Resort Theatre — 1984 State Hwy 165, Branson, MO 65616. Phone (417) 336-3575.

Who has Ray Stevens been married to?