How much is dinner at the Skylon Tower?

Adults $44.95 All prices are in Canadian Funds. Prices are subject to H.S.T.

Who owns the Skylon Hotel?

owner Brian McEniff
It is something that owner Brian McEniff has made the ethos of his hotels. In 2018, the Skylon received an award from the European Foundation of Quality Management and is one of the few Irish hotels to be recognised for excellence.

Where is the Skylon Hotel Dublin?

LeinsterDublin Skylon Hotel / ProvinceLeinster is one of the provinces of Ireland, situated in the southeast and east of Ireland. The province comprises the ancient Kingdoms of Meath, Leinster and Osraige. Wikipedia

How many rooms does the Skylon Hotel have?

The Dublin Skylon Hotel offers 126 elegantly designed bedrooms that hold a classic style. Spacious, calming, and comfy, our Dublin Skylon Hotel rooms are quiet and cosy.

Does the Skylon Tower have a dress code?

What is the Skylon Tower dress code? Many visitors to the Skylon Tower are visiting for a variety of reasons from a casual evening dinner to a romantic anniversary celebration. You will find guests dressed casually and more formal. The entire experience is up to you and entirely welcome.

How many hotels does Brian McEniff own?

Each of the six Brian McEniff Hotel Group are owned and operated by family members and what this means is we truly care about our guests.

What hotels does Brian McEniff own?

Brian McEniff Hotels

  • Holyrood Hotel, Spa & Leisure Centre:
  • Sligo Southern:
  • Westport Woods Hotel, Spa & Leisure Centre:
  • Yeats Country Hotel, Spa & Leisure Centre:
  • Great Northern Hotel, Golf & Leisure Centre:

Do you need passport for Skylon Tower?

the Skylon Tower is in Canada, yes, you need a passport. This particular tower is on the US side. So if you are on the US side you won’t need one.

Who owns the Skylon Tower?

George Yerich
On June 2nd 1986, David Hicks became the 3rd person to successfully parachute from the observation deck of the tower. On December 10th 1988, Mr. George Yerich became the sole owner of the Skylon Tower complex. This tower is currently in service.

What is the Skylon Bar & Grill?

The Skylon Bar & Grill is integral to the hotel yet is a standalone for residents of the locality and is a very popular meeting place for the locals due to its quality food using locally sourced ingredients as well as its creative cocktail menu. Read more.

Why eat at the Skylon?

Our Chefs at the Skylon delights in preparing superb quality food using locally sourced ingredients. The Bar & Grill serves a table service breakfast. Lunch at the Skylon consists of high quality open sandwiches, healthy salads, select meats as well as serving the freshest of fish.

What is the Dublin Skylon hotel?

The Dublin Skylon Hotel is a four star modern, luxurious 126 bedroom hotel located just 10 minutes from Dublin Airport & 5 minutes from Dublin City Centre. The hotel is also only 15 minute walk from Croke Park Stadium, making it the ideal base to enjoy GAA matches and concerts.

What is the Skylon afternoon tea?

Set in our warm and spacious lobby, the Skylon Afternoon Tea as well as ‘Tea Under the Tree’ is an experience not to be missed. Alongside the essential elements of a traditional afternoon tea, enjoy a selection of elegant finger sandwiches, freshly baked scones and delicate desserts that is all accompanied by a nice pot of freshly brewed leaf tea.