How much does a sheet of UltraLight drywall weight?

A conventional 1/2-inch thick sheet of drywall measuring 4 x 8 feet weighs around 57 pounds. According to drywall maker USG, a 4 x 8-foot sheet of Sheetrock brand UltraLight Panel weighs 13 pounds less, for a total of 44 pounds.

What does 4×12 drywall weigh?

However total weights in lbs may differ by size and by brand. By the sheet, standard drywall sheeting comes in at: 4′ by 8′ by ½ is close to 52 pounds 4′ by 12′ by ½ is close to 77 pounds.

How much does a 10 ft piece of drywall weigh?

Standard drywall is commonly manufactured in thicknesses of 3/8, 1/2 or 5/8 inch and lengths of eight, 10 or 12 feet. Drywall that is 3/8 inch thick weighs 44.8, 56 and 67.2 pounds for a length of eight, 10 or 12 feet, respectively.

What is ToughRock basement Board drywall?

ToughRock® Basement Drywall Board is designed for use in interior wall and ceiling applications and offers enhanced protection against mold exposure that can cause deterioration and/or stains.

How much is drywall per sheet?

Average Cost of Drywall by the Sheet The average price of drywall and sheetrock is $15 per four-foot by eight-foot panel. The prices can range from $12-$20 per panel depending on where you live and where you are purchasing from. This translates into a cost of about $0.40-$0.65 per square foot of drywall.

What is the weight of drywall?

The Weight of a Sheet of Drywall For a frame of reference, standard 1/2″ drywall that is used in interior residential construction generally weighs about 1.6 pounds per square foot, totaling 51.2 pounds for one sheet.

How much does a 12 foot 5 8 sheetrock weigh?

Using lbs/ft2 calculations for 48” wide sheets

Lbs/ft2 12 ft long
1/2” Standard 1.6 76.8
5/8” Standard 2.2 105.6
1/2” Lightweight 1.25 70
5/8” Lightweight 1.65 92.4

How much does a 12 sheet of 5/8 drywall weight?

Is ToughRock a good drywall?

When tested, as manufactured, per ASTM D3273 (“Standard Test Method for Resistance to Growth of Mold on the Surface of Interior Coatings in an Environmental Chamber”), ToughRock Mold-Guard Gypsum Board achieved a score of 10 – the best possible score for this test.

Is ToughRock a drywall?

A versatile drywall product for new building construction or renovation. ToughRock® 1/4″ and 3/8″ Gypsum Board is a wall or ceiling covering material for use in new building construction or renovation work. It is designed for direct attachment (screws, nails or adhesive) to wood and metal framing or existing surfaces.

How much does drywall weigh?

According to material safety data sheets from USG, standard drywall weighs approximately 38lb/ft 3. Lightweight drywall weighs about 28-30 lb/ft 3. These three companies publish the following approximate weights for their products:

What is toughrock 5/8″ board used for?

1 5/8″ ToughRock® Fireguard X® board is UL classified Type X 2 Reinforced with the glass fibers to increase strength and fire resistance 3 Used in a variety of fire-rated wood and steel-framed assemblies 1 4 Reduces noise more effectively than ½” standard or lightweight drywall More

What is the ASTM c1396 Section 5 gypsum wallboard specification?

Meet ASTM C1396 Section 5 gypsum wallboard and Section 12 gypsum ceiling board specifications, with the lighter, dimensionally stable ToughRock® Lite-Weight Gypsum Board. This ½” (12.7 mm) gypsum board is ideal for use as a wall or ceiling covering material in both new building construction and renovation work.