How much does a Hobie Bravo cost?

$4,199.00. The Hobie Bravo provides the perfect sailing platform. The Bravo is ideal for sailors of all skill levels. Stable and safe for the total novice yet plenty entertaining for a seasoned multi-huller on a storm-tossed day.

How fast is a Hobie Bravo?

Hobie Bravo (rotomolded, 12 feet in length, weighs 195 pounds): 13-15 knots(15-18 miles per hour)

How much does a Hobie Cat Wave cost?

$6,999.00. The Hobie Wave is an easy- to-sail, easy-to-rig speedster that will have you smiling. Fun for the family and exciting for the juniors while forgiving enough for the newly initiated, the Hobie Wave is the ideal must-go-sailing-now catamaran.

Why choose the Hobie Catsy?

Facile à assembler, facile à naviguer, le Hobie Catsy a été spécialement conçu pour que même les plus jeunes puissent découvrir la joie de la navigation sportive en catamaran. Caractéristiques techniques *. Equipiers: 1/2. Longueur: 3.10 m / 10′ 2″. Largeur: 1.66 m / 5′ 5″. Capacité: 160 kg / 353 lbs.

What is a Hobie Cat catamaran?

Hobie Cat is popular for their Sail Catamarans, Beach Catamaran, Multi-Hull, Daysailer and other among other classes and models. Overall these available boats have a medium-depth draft and narrow beam, attributes that make them appropriate for watersports, sailing, overnight cruising and day cruising.

Why buy a hithobie cat?

Hobie Cat is popular for their Sail Catamarans, Multi-Hull, Canoe/Kayak, Daysailer and other among other classes and models. Overall these boats have extremely shallow draft and narrow beam, features that make them perfect for overnight cruising, day cruising, sailing and watersports

What year is the oldest Hobie Cat boat?

The oldest model listed is a late classic boat built in 1988 and the newest model year was built in 2021. How much do Hobie Cat boats cost? Hobie Cat boats for sale on Boat Trader are offered at a swath of prices, valued from $1,699 on the most reasonably-priced watercraft all the way up to $11,999 for the higher-end boats.