How long does a TOTO bidet last?

TOTO makes great durable washlets that will last many years if used properly. Do you find this helpful? We had an earlier model for 15 years and it’s still running fine. The new model has some different features, but if history is any judge you should have a long life with it.

Is Toto or bio bidet better?

Its superior spray is its main strength and users who prefer a more powerful wash will for sure favor the Bio Bidet. The rear wash function is very nicely aerated and provides great cleansing ability. The TOTO S550e also has a great spray, although not quite as powerful as the BB-2000.

Do bidets fit all toilet seats?

Bidets from Blooming, Brondell, and Clean Sense can all fit toilets with some curve. Blooming is the most compatible toilet seat we carry and will fit almost every toilet on the market with a few exceptions.

Are bidet toilets worth it?

Because they are hooked up directly to your plumbing system, they require professional installation, usually as part of a bathroom renovation. Veteran bidet users point out that the money you save on toilet paper means a bidet installation will fairly quickly pay for itself … and yes, they say, bidets are worth it!

Are Toto bidets worth it?

There’s a reason our past clients have loved the Toto Washlet Toilet S550e. The elongated design, smooth skirted build, and adjustable seats make it easy to clean and be comfortable at once. The automatic flushing and lid-closing features make it so that your toilet experience can be a completely hands-free one.

Do you need to plug in a bidet?

Bidet toilet seats need to be plugged into an electrical outlet in order to operate. This can be a problem as many household bathrooms do not have an electrical outlet readily available near the toilet. The power cords on most bidet seats are about 4ft long, so what should you do if your outlet is farther than that?

Why are bidet seats small?

So why is the total seating area on a washlet smaller? Well, it’s because bidet toilet seats need a section behind the actual seat to store all of its electronic and mechanical parts.

Do bidets work on round toilets?

Round toilets are shorter and circular in shape, while elongated toilets are longer and oval in shape. Shopping for a round bidet is slightly more tricky than shopping for an elongated bidet because not all manufacturers offer both sizes. The best bidet for a round toilet is the Brondell Swash 1400.