How heavy is a 28 foot ladder?

28 ft Fiberglass Extension Ladder, 300 lb Load Capacity, 59.5 lb Net Weight.

How do you pick a ladder size?

Match Your Ladder Size to Your Job

  1. Stand no higher than two steps down from the top of a step ladder.
  2. An extension ladder needs to be several feet taller than the height you need to reach.
  3. The highest, safe standing level is four rungs from the top of the ladder.

What height ladder Do I need to clean gutters UK?

A rough guide would be to say most bungalow and single storey homes gutterline in the UK are around 3.3 metres in height. This means a 8-10 tread step ladder would be sufficient to carry out your gutter clean. Most 2 storey UK homes gutters are approximately 5.7 meters in height.

How wide is a 28 extension ladder?

14ft 3in
Conventional 28ft extension ladder is 14ft 3in when closed. Compact 3 section design is 12ft 4in when closed. Conventional 32ft extension ladder is 16ft 3in when closed.

What is the lightest 28 foot ladder?

The Little Giant HyperLite extension ladder is the lightest Type IA and IAA fiberglass extension ladder in the world, bar none. The patent-pending HyperLite weighs up to 40 percent less than the leading competitor’s standard fiberglass ladder without sacrificing strength and stability.

How much does a 28 foot fiberglass ladder way?

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Size (ft) Closed Height (ft) Approx Weight (lbs)
28 14.87 61.9

What is an extension ladder?

An extension ladder, also called a telescopic ladder, has sliding parts which can be pulled out to increase the length of the device. Many of these ladders come in even number increments, such as 20, 24 or 28 feet (about 6.10, 7.32 or 8.53 meters).

What is an aluminum ladder?

Aluminum, also known as aluminium, is probably the most common ladder material in a household setting. This material is conductive, which makes this ladder a poor choice for an electrician or someone who uses electrical equipment.

What is a folding ladder?

Folding Ladders. Folding ladders are called such because they are able to do just that; fold. One of the primary benefits of a folding ladder is its ability to fold down into an easy to carry and easy to store position. For folding ladders that are used around the house this normally means they can fold small enough to fit under your bed,…