How does King Hygelac reward Beowulf?

Hygelac rewards Beowulf with a rare heirloom, a sword covered with gold. He also honors the young warrior with “lands, seven thousand hides, / a hall, and gift-throne” (2195-96). Beowulf is now a lord of the realm, but it is clear that he still owes his allegiance to Hygelac.

What is the significance of treasure in Beowulf?

The king had rewarded his followers with treasure; in death his people used treasure to honor his memory. Ships, weapons, and armor were highly prized by the warrior society, so the Beowulf poet added details about them to enrich the tale.

Who is Freawaru supposed to marry?

Freawaru is a freoðuwebbe or peace-weaver (an important concept in the poem) who is married to Ingeld, King of the Heaðobards and son of Froda .

What treasures did Beowulf receive?

Beowulf formally presents all the treasures that Hrothgar gave to him to King Hygelac, explaining that these treasures belonged to Hrothgar’s brother Heorogar. The gifts include a boar-framed standard, a helmet, a mail-shirt, a sword, and four horses. Beowulf also gives Queen Hygd a necklace and three horses.

How does Higlac reward Beowulf for his feats?

How does Hygelac reward Beowulf for his feats? Golden treasures were laid in the lap of Beowulf, along with an estate of seven thousand hides, a chief’s stool and a hall. Most importantly, he received land from Hygelac.

How is this treasure different from other treasures in the poem?

How is this treasure different from other treasures in the poem? The treasures originally belonged to a long-gone tribe. Only one person is left, and he carries all the treasure to the barrow. After he died, the dragon found the barrow and lived there for 300 years.

Where was the dragon’s treasure in Beowulf?

A great dragon lurks beneath the earth, jealously guarding its treasure, until one day a thief manages to infiltrate the barrow, or mound, where the treasure lies. The thief steals a gem-covered goblet, arousing the wrath of the dragon.

Who is Finn’s wife in Beowulf?

Hildeburh, a Danish princess who is married to Finn, is doubly grieved by the outcome of the battle: she orders that the corpses of her brother, the Danish leader Hnaef, and her son, a Frisian warrior, be burned on the same bier.

What is the summary of Beowulf?

Summary. With loyalty and heroism in mind, Beowulf comes to the rescue of the Danes and King Hrothgar. They have suffered at the hands of an evil monster, Grendel, who has pillaged their kingdom for more than 12 years and killed many men. Beowulf, nephew to the king of the Geats, sails across the seas to try to defeat the beast.

How do the Warriors celebrate Beowulf’s victory at Heorot?

Warriors and chieftains from considerable distances gather at Heorot the next morning to marvel at the trophy, Grendel’s claw, and to celebrate Beowulf’s victory. Some follow the ogre’s bloody footprints down to his lake where the water boils with Grendel’s blood.

What is Beowulf’s reward for being a Geat?

Beowulf receives a golden banner, helmet, and mail-shirt as well as a jeweled sword. All the items are laced with gold. In addition, he receives eight magnificent horses, with golden trappings that hang to the floor, and a gem-studded saddle. The other Geats receive various valuable heirlooms.

How do you write a newspaper for Beowulf?

Newspaper — Create a newspaper outlining the major events in Beowulf. Write articles and include appropriate pictures(hand or computer-drawn, cut from magazines or newspapers, or found on the Internet). In addition to major articles,include typical newspaper features like editorials, obituaries, advertisements, and comics.