How does a spiral sash balance work?

Each side of the window sash is connected to the rod of the balance at the bottom corner. The spiral rod is rotated until the proper tension is achieved to smoothly raise and lower the window. Too much tension can make the window sash difficult to operate while too little tension will cause the sash to fall.

How does sash window work?

How do Traditional Sash Windows Work? A traditional sash window comes with two sliding sections, also called sashes. They slide up and down, using a pulley and weight mechanism inside the window frame. When a sash opens, the weight counterbalances with a weight inside the window frame.

How do window sash stops work?

Sash stops are fitted on the upper sash and this prevents the sashes from sliding over each other. This, therefore, prevents them from opening the window. There are two types of sash window locks for sash stops.

How does a sash window stay open?

Double-hung sash windows traditionally operate using cords, weights and pulleys. When the window is open, you simply pivot the sash drop into position and the bottom sash rests on it and keeps the window open!

Do all sash windows have cords?

If the cords become too long the top sash will not close properly because the weights have bottomed out. These guidelines are written for the work to be undertaken from inside of the property. Not all sash windows have cords.

What is window sash cord?

Sash cord. The cord is attached to the side of the sash and is fed through a pulley. It is also attached to the sash weight inside the box frame. The purpose of the weight is to counterbalance the sash to allow the window to open.

How can I make my sash windows more secure?

6 Ways to Increase the Security of Your Sash Windows

  1. Restore and Maintain Your Sash Windows. The most effective way of ensuring the security of your sash windows is to ensure they are well-maintained and working effectively.
  2. Opening Restrictors.
  3. Dual Screws.
  4. Window Catches.
  5. Reinforced Glass.
  6. Draw the Curtains.
  7. Conclusion.

What are ventilation stops?

Window vent stops inhibit the upward movement of the lower sash. They are able to make hung windows significantly more secure. They were specifically designed for non-tilting and tilting double-hung and horizontal sliding versions of windows. These are typically vinyl windows.

Why does my sash window not stay open?

A dropped window is an indicator of a bad, disconnected, or misplaced balance shoe. Each double-hung window in your home has four balance cartridges, two per jamb liner. If one of the balance shoes inside isn’t working properly, the sash will slide down when you attempt to raise it.

Do sash windows need weights?

Step two – Weigh the sash window. So that the windows operate properly, the top and bottom sashes need to be weighted slightly differently. The weights for the top sash need to be marginally heavier than the window itself so that it doesn’t drop from its raised position.

What is a spiral balance sash window?

Spiral Balance Sash windows are a modern version of the traditional weight and pulley range. A Sash balance mechanism (spring balance) is a spring-loaded device used to counter-balance a Sash in a box sash window.

How do you use a spiral rod to tension a window sash?

Slide the sash up to the upper most position and hold it there while you tension. Use an appropriate adjusting tool, insert hooked end in hole in spiral rod. A firm grip of the tensioning tool is required at all times when in use. Do not let the balance rod rotate as this will result in a loss of tension.

How do you remove a spiral window sash?

Tilt the top of the window sash toward you until it is horizontal to the floor. Lift up on one side of the window sash to release the sash from the frame. Look for the bottom of the spiral balance rod inside the window frame.

How do you keep a double hung window sash from dropping?

Your double-hung window requires a spring balance to keep the window sash from dropping abruptly once it is opened, or opening on its own once it is closed. You can access the spiral balance rod — also known as the spring — to adjust the tension and keep the window sash from moving by itself. Take precaution when adjusting a spiral balance rod.