How do you treat a sprained finger and hand?

Management and Treatment

  1. Rest: Let your finger rest, if possible.
  2. Ice: Ice the injured area for 15 to 20 minutes at a time, especially within the first 24 hours.
  3. Compression: Wrap an elastic compression bandage around the injured joint to support it and reduce swelling.

How long does it take for a sprained finger to heal?

What is the outlook? Typically, finger sprains heal well in patients who follow their rehabilitation program. Ligaments require from two to 10 weeks to heal. A small number of patients do experience complications such as re-injury, joint instability, arthritis, or inflammation where the ligament attaches to the bone.

How do you know if your fingers are sprained?

Sprained Finger Symptoms Pain in one of your finger joints when you try to move or use it. Stiffness in your finger or having a hard time straightening or bending it. Tenderness in your joint when you touch the area. Swelling in one of your finger joints.

How do you heal a sprained finger fast?

How do you heal a sprained finger fast?

  1. Protecting your finger by using a brace.
  2. Resting your finger by minimizing use.
  3. Icing your finger several times a day.
  4. Compression on your finger utilizing a wrap.
  5. Elevate your finger as much as possible.

Can a sprained finger heal on its own?

Most of the time a jammed finger will get better on its own within a week or two. But even with treatment, your finger may stay swollen or sensitive for many months. During recovery, try to use the finger as little as possible while it heals. Take a break from sports or other activities that could worsen your injury.

How do you heal a sprained finger?

Rest: If a specific sport or activity caused your sprain, take a break from it for a while to help your finger heal. Ice: Within the first 24 hours of your injury, you should apply ice to the area for 15 minutes at a time. If your symptoms last longer than that, you can do this for several days after the injury too.

What is the healing time for a sprained finger?

After a mild to moderate finger sprain, you can usually resume your normal activity level after 2-6 weeks if you maintain recommended treatment and management of your injury. If your sprain is more serious, it will take longer for your finger to heal.

Should I see a doctor for a sprained finger?

The doctor will need an X-ray to evaluate the position of the broken finger bones. With more complex injuries, the doctor may seek the advice of an orthopedic (bone and joint specialist) or hand surgeon (an orthopedic surgeon or plastic surgeon with post-residency, fellowship level training in hand surgery).

What are the signs of a sprained hand?

A hand sprain is when a ligament in your hand is stretched or torn. Ligaments are the strong tissues that connect bones. You may have bruising, pain, and swelling of your injured hand. The skin of your injured hand looks bluish or pale (less color than normal). You have increased swelling and pain in your hand.