How do you transfer on a Cisco IP phone 303?

Transfer calls to other extensions or phone numbers using your Cisco SPA303 IP Phone.

  1. Press the [xfer] softkey during a call to place it on hold.
  2. Dial the transfer destination number.
  3. Press the [xfer] softkey at any time to transfer the call — this could be while you hear ringing, or after someone answers.

Does Cisco 303 IP phone have Do Not Disturb?

Press the Right Arrow key to turn Do Not Disturb ON or OFF. 5….How to Enable or Disable the DND option on Cisco SPA514G, SPA508G, and SPA303

  • Press Setup.
  • Go to Preferences.
  • Select Do Not Disturb, then press Edit.
  • Press y/n to change the settings.
  • Press Ok.
  • Press Save.

What is a 3 line IP phone?

3-line business-class IP phone. Connects directly to an Internet telephone service provider or to an IP private branch exchange (PBX). Dual switched Ethernet ports, speakerphone, caller ID, call hold, conferencing, and more.

How do I setup my Cisco IP phone SPA508G?

To Set Up a Cisco SPA508G:

  1. Plug in the phone to both power and Internet.
  2. Press 9 on the keypad.
  3. Click HERE to open the provisioning site in a web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc.).
  4. Select the Cisco SPA508G phone model from the list toward the top of the page.

How do I turn off Do Not Disturb on Cisco phone 7821?

Do Not Disturb (DND)

  1. Press the DND softkey to enable.
  2. Press the Clr DND softkey to disable.

How do I update my Cisco SPA 303?

Upgrade firmware to 7.5.7 by following these steps:

  1. Download the Firmware Tool from Cisco software download page.
  2. Extract and run file spa50x-30x-7-5-7.exe.
  3. Enter the IP Address of the phone and follow the prompts to complete the upgrade.
  4. After the upgrade, reboot the phone one last time and try activating the phone again.

How do I reset my Cisco IP phone 303?

Log in to the web interface of the DECT base. Navigate to Phone > Upgrade and select “Reset to Factory”. In the phone menu, select Option 14 to factory reset the phone, then hit OK to confirm the reset.

What can the Cisco spa 303 IP phone be used for?

The Cisco SPA 303 IP phone can also be used with productivity-enhancing features such as VoiceView Express, and Cisco XML applications when interfacing with the Cisco Unified Communications 500 Series in SPCP mode.

How do I increase the volume on my Cisco spa 301?

Cisco SPA 301 With the headset off the phone, press the Vol. button repeatedly to increase the volume. When the volume reaches the maximum, the next button press reduces the volume to the minimum. Cisco SPA 303 To adjust the volume of the handset or speaker, lift the handset or press the Speaker button.

What is the Cisco small business 300 series IP phone?

The Cisco Small Business 300 Series IP phones contain Ethernet ports, or ports that allow them to be linked to the computer network. They also have additional Ethernet ports that allow a computer to be connected to the network through the IP phone.

What are the advantages of the spa 303?

Features such as easy station moves and shared line appearances (across local and geographically dispersed locations) are just some of the many advantages of the SPA 303.