How do you sign into Sumdog?

How to log in to Sumdog

  1. Find out your username, password and school code from your teacher or parent.
  2. If you are using a computer, go to this website. If you are using a tablet, download the Sumdog app from the app store and press ‘Log in’
  3. Type in your log in details and click ‘Log in’

What is the Sumdog school code?

Their username is their first initial and last name, their password is armleder1 and their school code is chca like in the picture below.

How do I make a Sumdog account?

Click this link to the Sumdog website and click ‘Sign up free’. Enter your email address, and then add a secure password for your account. Your last name will initially be used as the name of your family account. Click ‘Sign up’ on the bottom right of the page to confirm.

How do you open your house on Sumdog?

The house is normally closed during school hours but you can open the house as a reward. After school hours the house will be open for all students and the option on your teacher account to open/close the house will be greyed out.

How do I change my username on Sumdog?

Click ‘Edit’ to key in new usernames and/or passwords for the students. No students within the same school can have the same username. If another student in the school is using the chosen username an error message will appear and you will need to choose another username for your student.

What is Sumdog password?

If you have forgotten your password you will be able to request for a password reset here. Enter the email address you signed up with. Sumdog will send you an email containing a link which you should click to reset your password. If you get a message that the link has expired, you can request a password reset again.

How do you unlock your house on Sumdog?

Where can I download sumdog for kids?

Sumdog on the App Store This app is available only on the App Store for iPhone and iPad. Sumdog is all about personalizing the learning experience for each child. The curriculum-aligned questions adapt to your child’s level automatically, and are embedded in engaging, exciting games.

How can sumdog help your students?

Meet your students where they are with our FREE diagnostic! Sumdog’s in-game questions cover standards for K-8. The games complement teacher-led lessons or instruction to reinforce learning or offer extra support at school or home for areas that need improvement. Sumdog works!

What can kids do in sumdog house?

Kids also have access to the Sumdog House, where they can design their own house and themselves. They can buy items for them and their house with coins. Coins can be earned by getting questions correct, reaching a 20 minute goal (resets each week) or teachers rewarding them. This is just the start.