How do you set up a basketball camp?

Here are some helpful tips to hosting a successful basketball camp…

  1. Make the camp purpose clear!
  2. Be organized.
  3. Use drills that keep everybody involved.
  4. Teach skills and drills that players can do at home.
  5. Keep the camp moving.
  6. Incorporate character development.

What do basketball camps do?

During camps the focus will be on every aspect of the game and on overall training of the player. Skills that are often taught at basketball camps are ball handling, shooting, competitive league play, pre-season training and much more. A great player will be versatile in all parts of basketball.

What are the best basketball camps in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania Hatboro Nike Basketball Camp Renegades Gym Kutztown Nike Boys Basketball Camp Kutztown University Latrobe Nike Girls Basketball Camp Saint Vincent College Millersville Nike Girls Basketball Camp Millersville University Philadelphia Nike Boys Basketball Camp Neumann Goretti High School Rosemont Nike Basketball Camp Agnes Irwin School

What is NBC basketball camps?

NBC Basketball Camps – Since 1971, NBC has trained over 250,000 athletes. Located in the United States, Canada, UK, and Italy NBC Camps works to train youth men and women to be their best. NBC Camps is designed to encourage athletes to lead a life of physical, mental, relational, and spiritual excellence.

What is AAU basketball camp?

During camp, young men and women develop athletic skills while also learning the importance of team work. AAU Basketball tournament play are also available through the Eastern Ohio Sports Complex to provide young athletes to further develop and excel. Camps open to Jr. High and High School athletes. A minimum of 8 players per squad is recommended.

What is an elite basketball camp?

Skills camps have been running since 1963 and are one of the longest running summer basketball camps in the United States. Elite camps offer the highest level of instruction, competition, and exposure available.