How do you register a product?

Process for Brand Registration in India

  1. Steps involved in brand registration in India.
  2. Brand Registration – Domain Name Registration.
  3. Brand Registration – Business Name Registration.
  4. Brand Registration – Trademark Registration.
  5. Brand Registration – Copyright Registration.

How do I file an LG Warranty Claim?

Here’s how you can claim your warranty with LG via phone:

  1. Call (800) 243-0000.
  2. Let the representative know you wish to raise a warranty claim.
  3. Disclose your warranty details or any other info the rep may need.
  4. Wait for them to suggest the best way to repair the appliance.

How do I register my LG g4?


  1. To get started, click on Register A Product near the top-right of
  2. First, choose your Category.
  3. Next, choose your Product.
  4. Choose your Product Type.
  5. Next, choose your Model Number, or manually type it into the box if your model isn’t shown.
  6. Now, enter your Email Address.

Where is the photo register code?

It’s the generic code on the registration form describing the Photoregister process and the manufacturers name so that the Photoregister company can send you a link to the manufacturers site to complete a more traditional registration.

Where do I find serial number on LG washing machine?

How to Locate a Serial Number on a LG Washer

  1. Open the front door on front-loading washers.
  2. Look at the right side of the washing machine near the front, upper corner on top-loading washers.
  3. Identify the location of the metallic rating plate attached to the frame.

What does registering a product mean?

Product Registration means the process of filing and approval by the appropriate governmental authorities of an application to market the Product in the Territory.

Does LG have manufacturer warranty?

terms and conditions: (1) The limited warranty for the product extends for TWELVE (12) MONTHS beginning on the date of purchase of the product with valid proof of purchase, or absent valid proof of purchase, FIFTEEN (15) MONTHS from date of manufacture as determined by the unit’s manufacture date code.

What does the LG warranty cover?

Defects or damages from abnormal use, abnormal conditions, improper storage, exposure to moisture or dampness, unauthorized modifications, unauthorized connections, unauthorized repair, misuse, neglect, abuse, accident, alteration, improper installation, or other acts which are not the fault of LG, including damage …

Why does my phone say not registered on network when trying to make a call?

Possible causes of the ‘not registered on network’ error include: Your phone’s firmware or operating system is out of date. The SIM card is disconnected or damaged. Your carrier is not selected in your phone’s settings.

What is warranty on LG washing machine?

LG washers come with a lifetime warranty on their washtubs, the part most often in need of repair. LG and Samsung washers come with a 10-year warranty on washer motors, another part highly susceptible to wear and tear.

What is LG’s warranty policy on its refrigerators?

LG refrigerators come with a five-year warranty for cooling (sealed) system components and a 10-year parts and five-year labor warranty for the linear/inverter compressor. All other noncooling system parts come with a one-year parts and labor warranty.

What is the warranty on your washer?

Most manufacturers provide a standard 1-year warranty on parts and labors, with proof of sale provided at the time of repair. Some manufacturers offer a 3- or 5-year limited warranty on some parts including the washer motor, dryer drum, or printed circuit board (PCB).

What is LG phone warranty number?

Contacting LG Electronics – by phone or otherwise. While 800-243-0000 is LG Electronics’s best toll-free number, there are 5 total ways to get in touch with them. The next best way to talk to their customer support team, according to other LG Electronics customers, is by calling their 800-793-8896 phone number for their Technical Support department.