How do you open the door in Zaphias castle?

The glowing room visible down the hall has the last statue (full moon). With the moon full, you’ll hear a chime, and you can go back to the audience chamber and shoot the orb in the door to open the way ahead.

How do you open the door in Tales of Vesperia?

Make your way left, and then down the stairs. From here just keep going back and forth down the steps until you reach the door at the bottom to go in. You’ll be granted a Sorcerer’s Ring upgrade, which can open the doors along the walls here.

Where is Rita in Zaphias Castle?

Karol and Repede are in the dining hall where they were keeping the lower quarter refugees, Judith is in the courtyard area, Rita and Estelle are hiding in the room with the statue with the full moon, and Raven is chilling in the cell where you first met him downstairs to the right of there.

Where is Zaphias in Tales of Vesperia?

The Imperial Capital, Zaphias (帝都 ザーフィアス, Teito Zaafiasu?), also referred to as the Bedrock of Peace, is a large city located on the southern part of Ilyccia in Tales of Vesperia. It is where Yuri Lowell, Repede, and Estelle begin their journey, unraveling the events of the story.

How do I get to Zaude?

Zaude is smack dab in the center of the map, in the middle of the ocean. There will be an event when you fly near it. This time is a good one to go do side quests and ready up.

How do you get the red orb in Tales of Vesperia?

Stand on the pedestal in the water and shoot to raise the water and you should be able to reach the island on the top floor that’s blocked off by the barrier. There’s a chest there with the red orb. Go back to the upper walkway in the room where Poseidon was, and place the red orb in the statue.

How do I leave Heracles in Vesperia?

There’s a shortcut. Go down the latter beneath the stairs near where you destroyed the yellow blastia, and go down on the right hand side, and take follow it to where you can exit down. You’ll come out near where you activated the control panel to make the boxes move.

Where can I use Maris Stella?

Use the Maris Stella during the second encounter with the Cursed Wanderer in Capua Nor after obtaining the four elemental spirits (story related, the fight cannot be missed). You will see Great!!! once you use the item during the fight. For those trying to do this after #19, the order is actually 19, 22, 21, 20…

How do I get red orb Zaude?