How do you make Chitons?

How to Make a Chiton Dress

  1. Fold your sheet in half lengthwise.
  2. Place two pins or brooches at two points on the top edge of the folded sheet, creating a neck hole.
  3. Place your third pin or brooch at the one open corner to create the second armhole.
  4. Slip the chiton over your head and place your arms through the arm holes.

How do you make Greek chlamys?

You fold the cloak in half and pin it along the top edge, about 40 centimetres from the fold to make a neck hole. The pin goes over the right shoulder so that your right arm can move freely. The chlamys can be made of loosely woven wool or linen.

How do you make a chiton out of bed sheets?

  1. Fold the Sheet. Fold the queen-size sheet in half width-wise, right-sides together.
  2. Pin the Sheet. Pin the sheet together on the open side to create a seam.
  3. Sew the Seam. Sew the sheet together with a 5/8-inch seam.
  4. Spread the Garment.
  5. Sew the Edge.
  6. Measure and Mark.
  7. Shoulders for Your DIY Chiton.
  8. Measure and Pin.

How much fabric do you need for a chiton?

Measure a sheet or piece of fabric that reaches in length from the forehead to the ankles. The fabric should be wide enough to fold in two around the body when held from above the elbow to above the elbow.

What were Chitons made of?

Chiton is a type of sewn clothing worn by ancient Greeks from 750-30 BC. It was generally made from single rectangle of woolen or linen fabric. At the waist chiton was kept in place by a belt.

How do you make a female chiton?

If you are making a male version chiton, the safety pins should rest over the left shoulder. If you are making a female chiton, pin the fabric together over both shoulders with safety pins or brooches.

What is a Greek chiton?

Variations of the chiton evolved over time and were made in a variety of colors. A Greek chiton isn’t a look for the everyday citizen — but it is perfect for those who want to show off their inner gods and goddesses. Made from a rectangular piece of fabric, a traditional chiton can be easily created from a flat bed sheet.

How do you make a chiton out of sheets?

The chiton is belted at the waist with a cord or rope and can be made out of any color. This costume can be completed in under an hour. Fold the queen-size sheet in half width-wise, right-sides together. The sheet should look like a long rectangle with one open side and one closed side. Pin the sheet together on the open side to create a seam.

How do you make a chiton for a man?

A men’s chiton can be made by cutting the fabric to the knee. Men and women both wore decorative brooches with their chitons. Add cabochon cluster brooches to the shoulder seams to give the illusion of the garment being connected by jewelry. Use braided white rope for a simple, elegant look.

What kind of chiton do you use for a crown?

I used a few of the sculptures I saw as references and finally came up with something simple: A chiton that is paired with a beaded belt and matching crown. … I chose to use satin faced chiffon for this project – not the most accurate choice, but it drapes beautifully.