How do you know if you have a Madame Alexander doll?

Dolls have a mark on the back of their neck or at the base of their head that reads “Madame Alexander,” “Alexander,” “Alex,” or “Mme. Alexander.” The clothing also is often marked with a cloth label that typically reads “Madame Alexander, USA” and has the doll’s name.

How old are Madame Alexander dolls?

Collectible Madame Alexander dolls: The word “collectible” can refer to many different things, but collectible Madame Alexander dolls are those that were made more than 25 but less than 75 years ago. Modern Madame Alexander dolls: Dolls made within the last 25 years are considered to be modern Madame Alexander dolls.

Are Madame Alexander dolls still produced?

Nearly a century of dollmaking and expertise ensure that our dolls are made to last, so you can cherish your doll for years to come. As we approach 100 years of quality toy making, the Madame Alexander Doll Company is still committed to creating better dolls and a kinder world, just as Madame Alexander envisioned.

Do Madame Alexander dolls have names?

Collectors often seek Madame Alexander vintage dolls made during the 1950s, including: Alexander Cissy Dolls: These dolls that are usually marked Alexander stand between 20 inches and 21 inches tall. Alexander Penny or Barbara Jane: These 42-inch, stuffed-body dolls have a vinyl head, legs, and arms. Alexander Cynthia doll: This black doll stands between 15 inches and 23 inches tall.

What is the history of Madame Alexander dolls?

Madame Beatrice Alexander Behrman actually founded the Alexander Doll Company in 1923 at her kitchen table. From there she began to pursue her dream of handcrafting quality dolls for children and grew her little company into a world famous enterprise. Here’s a brief look at the history of Madame Alexander dolls over the past century.

Who is Madame Alexander Doll?

Bertha “Beatrice” Alexander Behrman (March 9, 1895 – October 3, 1990), known as Madame Alexander, was an American dollmaker. Founder and owner of the Alexander Doll Company in New York City for 65 years, she introduced new materials and innovative designs to create lifelike dolls based on famous people and characters in books, films, music, and art.