How do you get to Stehekin?

To get to Stehekin our guests must plan to take The Lady of the Lake (boat ferry) or Stehekin Ferry from Chelan, You can also hike the beautiful 23-mile from Highway 20 to High Bridge where you hop on the red bus to Stehekin.”

How long is the Cascade Pass Trail?

Cascade Pass / Sahale Arm Trail

Distance – one way from Cascade Pass Trailhead Elevation gain Difficulty
To Cascade Pass: 3.7 miles (6 km) To Sahale Glacier: 5.9 miles (9.5 km) To Cottonwood Camp: 9.0 miles (14.5 km) 1700′ (550 m) 3940′ (1200 m) 1700′ (550 m) / 2600′ (790 m) loss Moderate Strenuous Moderate

Is the Cascade Pass Trail open?

this trail is open and now the road is only closed 3 miles out soon to be 2 and probably opened this season.

How do I get to the Cascade Pass trailhead?

To get to the Cascade Pass trailhead, take Highway 20 east to milepost 106 from Marblemount, and cross the bridge onto Cascade River Road. Drive 23.0mi to the end of the road. Because most of the road is unpaved, the drive takes nearly an hour from Marblemount. No pass required.

Can you take your car to Stehekin?

The journey to Stehekin is half the fun of vacationing here, but DO YOU HOMEWORK before starting your trip! You will NOT be driving your car to my cabin. There are no roads connecting Stehekin to the rest of the world. Plan to park your car and finish the journey by boat, plane, or walking on your own two feet!

Can you get to Stehekin by car?

With no roads connecting Stehekin to the rest of the world, be prepared to take a boat, plane, horse, or your own 2 feet to get here. The majority of our guests travel via passenger ferry on 55 mile Lake Chelan.

How long does it take to hike Cascades?

2.5-3 hours
Cascades Falls: A Five-Star Hike to a Stunning Waterfall

Trail Stats
Duration 2.5-3 hours
Terrain Mostly dirt & rock trails
Dog-Friendly Yes
Fee $3/vehicle

Is Washington Pass Overlook open?

WORTH IT! The overlook road is closed but you can park before the gate and walk in. It’s a nice walk in paved road.

Is Cascade River Road Open 2021?

CLOSED. Current: The Cascade River Road is closed to vehicle traffic at milepost 20, three miles before the Cascade Pass Trailhead. Foot traffic is allowed beyond the closure. mile 10, then gravel with some potholes and washboards, but generally drivable for low clearance vehicles.

How long is the hike to Diablo Lake?

7.6 miles
Distance and elevation: 7.6 miles (12.2 km) roundtrip / 1,300 foot (120 m) elevation gain. Access: Look for signs along SR 20 to the road that crosses the top of Diablo Dam.

Can you take your own boat to Stehekin?

Lake Chelan Boat Co: The Lady Express and Lady of the Lake (aka Lady II) passenger ferries will take you from Chelan (or Field’s Point) to Stehekin. Their boats leave Chelan at 8:30am, and will get you to Stehekin mid-day.

Can you boat to Stehekin?

Ferry. Two ferry companies provide passenger service to Stehekin. Stehekin Ferry provides round-trip service between Fields Point and Stehekin with other optional stops.