How do you get into City fitness after hours?

After hours access From 10pm – 5am CityFitness is only accessible via car to after hours entry in Orange Car Park level 4. Download the Westfield Plus App here to receive 2 hours free parking every time you visit. We offer free parking to Westfield Plus members if you enter after 6pm*.

How do I set up my city fitness app?

Upon signing up an activation email is automatically emailed. Follow the link to activate your account and create a password. Once you have done this your account is linked to your membership. Now you can download the CityFitness App from the App store or the Google Play store and use the password created to log in.

Will gyms open Level 2?

» Will group fitness timetables be different? Yes. All centres will be running at a reduced timetable to accommodate reduced capacity and to manage the entry and exit flow as safely as possible.

Can 14 year olds go gym?

Yes, with supervision from an adult. Especially a good idea for a 14 yr old to go to the gym, if they are an athlete. A 14 year old should go to the gym with adult supervision, or with help from a personal trainer. Many gyms don’t allow anyone under age 16 to workout without being acccompanied by an adult.

Can I bring a friend to City Fitness?

Can I bring a guest? Premium and Black Card members can register family and/or friends to be a Premium/Black Card Friend allowing free access to CityFitness. If you are not a Black Card member, but would like to bring a guest to the club with you, there is a $20 per visit guest fee.

Is City fitness a franchise?

THE PROCESS Our franchise system allows you the opportunity to access all of our education, business tools and systems while owning and running your own business. This means that 100% of your PT fees go to you.

Can I work at level 3?

Rules for business at Alert Level 3 If your business requires close physical contact it cannot operate. Staff should work from home if they can. Businesses need to display a QR code and have an alternative contact tracing system. Mandatory record keeping requirements will be in place from 11.59pm, 7 September.

Can 16 year old girls go gym?

Teens need 60 minutes of physical activity a day in addition to a healthy diet to stay fit. Many gyms allow teens to join, as long as the teens have their guardian’s permission and the guardians pay and agree to the membership fees.