How do you fix an Ohaus scale?

My OHAUS balance is inaccurate. How do I fix it?

  1. Make sure the balance pan is not locked.
  2. Confirm that the proper pan (the pan that was shipped with the balance) is being used with the balance.
  3. Confirm that the pan is properly seated and there are no particles under the pan.

How do you calibrate an Ohaus Scout scale?

Starts here3:54OHAUS at a Glance – Scout Portable Balance Calibration (EN) – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clip54 second suggested clipSo now it’s blinking with 200 grams so we take our calibration mass of 200 grams so place it on theMoreSo now it’s blinking with 200 grams so we take our calibration mass of 200 grams so place it on the pan. It will automatically detect the mass.

How much is a Ohaus scale?

Ohaus – 30253019 Scout Pro Portable Electronic Balance, 200g Capacity, 0.01g Readability

List Price: $428.00 Details
You Save: $60.19 (14%)

How do you change units on Ohaus scale?

Weighing Mode To change units, press and hold SELECT; press M+ Unit until the desired unit icon is displayed.

How do you calibrate an Ohaus Navigator?

Starts here1:30Ohaus Navigator Calibration – YouTubeYouTube

How do you resolve an ERR 8.1 reading on an Ohaus scale?

How to Resolve an “Err 8.1” Reading

  1. Go to Main Menu > Setup.
  2. Go to Capacity Unit.
  3. Set the Capacity Unit to pounds.
  4. Go to Capacity and Graduation and set this to 500.
  5. Set Power On Zero to OFF.
  6. Go back to the home menu.
  7. Press the wrench icon in the lower left-hand corner of the screen, and set.

What are Ohaus scales used for?

Ohaus – PS Series Portable Pocket Scales Ohaus PS Series Pocket Scales is a perfect solution for weighing jewelry, coins and small parts. This uniquely designed scale features a sliding weighing platform that also serves as a cover for the display when not in use.

What is a triple balance scale?

The triple beam balance is an instrument used to measure mass very precisely. Typically, the reading scale of the middle beam reads in 100 gram increments, the far beam in 10 gram increments, and the front beam can read from 0 to 10 grams.

Where are Ohaus Scales made?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. OHAUS Corporation manufactures balances and scales for the laboratory, education, industrial and speciality markets worldwide. With headquarters in Parsippany, New Jersey, United States, OHAUS Corporation has offices in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

How do you calibrate an Ohaus triple beam balance?

Starts here3:59How To Use & Calibrate A Triple Beam Balance (8A) – YouTubeYouTube

How do you measure with a triple beam scale?

Starts here2:06Measuring with a Triple-Beam Balance – YouTubeYouTube