How do I sneak past the Falmer in Blindsighted?

Once in the next hall, Karliah will say that there are a lot of Falmer in the next room, and will give the option to either sneak or take them on. If it seems easier to sneak past, simply go to the far right-hand side wall and follow it all the way around, into the pen with a small cave at the rear.

Where is the entrance to Irkngthand?

Irkngthand is located in a secluded area of Skyrim. The entrance can be reached via a dirt path south from Nightgate Inn in the Pale.

How do you open the gate in Blindsighted?

The gate is closed and the only way to open it is to have the two gears rolling. The two levers that will activate the gears are found across each other in the upper level. After activating one, run to the second one immediately since the gears stop automatically after a short while.

How do I get the Blindsighted quest in Skyrim?

You can find them on the path to Riften from Irkngthand by following your quest marker. You will be able to then start the quest with Karliah, although a short run back to Irkngthand will be required.

Why won’t Mercer open the door?

I think it can happen if you or a follower block his way to the door. If you can reload, if you have one take your follower home before starting the quest and don’t get between Mercer and the door.

How do I stop Mercer Frey from following me?

At a point in the Thieve’s Guild questline, Mercer Frey accompanies you to a dungeon. He has no dialogue other than one unimportant option, so you cannot ask him to stop following you.

What level should you be for Blindsighted?

Stop Mercer Frey.

Quest Giver: Brynjolf
Next Quest: Darkness Returns
Reward: Nightingale Bow, Skeleton Key, Right Eye and Left Eye of the Falmer
Suggested Level: 12

How do I start Blindsighted Skyrim?

How do I start the quest Blindsighted?

Can you get back into Irkngthand?

Cannot return to the Sanctuary through Irkngthand after first exploring the ruin. Returning to the entrance of the Sanctuary, the Dragonborn will be trapped due to a cliff. You can exit without reloading you previous save by climbing to the top of the falmer hut on the right facing the door.

Is there a way to get the Skeleton Key in Blindsighted?

Nocturnal doesn’t care about you, the Key or anything having to do with the Guild.” Blindsighted is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim which serves as the penultimate quest given during the Thieves Guild questline in which the Dragonborn must find Mercer Frey in Irkngthand and recover the Skeleton Key .

How do I get Blindsighted?

The quest, Blindsighted, is part of the main Thieves’ Guild questline, and obtained after completing Trinity Restored.

How do you get Blindsighted in Thieves Guild?

The quest, Blindsighted, is part of the main Thieves’ Guild questline, and obtained after completing Trinity Restored . Travel to Irkngthand and defeat the Bandits which guard its entrance. You must traverse three to four levels to find the entrance since this is a rather large ruin to begin with.

How do you get the eyes of the Falmer in Skyrim?

As you enter the Sanctuary, you will see the traitor poking out the Eyes of the Falmer from the statue in the middle of the room. Mercer will eventually notice your presence and cast a spell on Brynjolf, causing him to fight with Karliah.