How do I reset my BT YouView box?

To reboot your TV box:

  1. Turn the TV box off.
  2. Unplug it at the wall.
  3. Wait 30 seconds.
  4. Switch it back on.

What signal strength is good for TV?

A good signal is considered to be: 50%+ Signal Strength. 100% Signal Quality.

How do I check Signal strength on BT box?

If it is listed, check the TV signal and quality for the channel by: Going to Settings > Signal & Connection > TV Signal Quality. If the signal quality is less than 50%, this indicates that your signal is too weak to receive this channel.

How do I update my BT box?

How do I manually update software on BT TV boxes?

  1. Settings > Software Information > Update software.
  2. Settings > Software Information > Update players and apps.

How long does a BT box last?

BT TV Recordable box Record up to 300 hours of TV on the 500GB hard drive.

Why is my BT box blue and red?

This may be because your broadband connection isn’t set up yet, or because there’s an issue with your broadband. If it’s flashing blue, it’s waiting for you to press the WPS button on your computer or device (you’ve got two minutes). If it’s flashing red, it didn’t connect – give it a couple of minutes and try again.

How do I watch YouView?

YouView is available as part of broadband bundle through TalkTalk and BT. YouView is also available on a range Sony Android TV’s. To enjoy the full YouView experience you need good digital TV coverage and a recommended Broadband speed of 3Mb/s.

Does YouView have an app?

The BT TV app (pictured) is available for download on Android or iOS devices and allows you to link it to your YouView box. YouView says that you won’t need a BT account to use this app and from the end of March it will be available for everyone to use.

How bad is the yvm302 signal quality?

The signal quality is about 68%, the YVM302 message appears, all 131 channels then have a 0% signal. Sometimes fixed by retuning, sometimes by a reset. The aerial was new last year. Quality or strength? Any Quality reading below 100 % is awful.

How to fix yvm302 error on YouView?

If your TV is fine, but your YouView box is giving YVM302, then it’s one of two things – either it’s faulty, or it has fastened onto a ‘wrong’ transmitter in your area, which it can’t quite hold onto. The first thing to do is go into the Settings and try a retune. If that’s no good, get the box replaced by whoever supplied it.

What is the yvm302 BT error code on BT TV box?

For broadcast TV channels, the BT TV Box relies on TV aerial connection, and sometimes you might be troubled with the yvm302 bt error code along with a message stating “looks like we’re not getting enough signal from your aerial at the moment” while trying to watch your live events. Here’s how to fix the yvm302 BT TV error code.

How do I fix error yvm102 on my TV box?

View all error help. YVM102, YVM104. First unplug the ethernet cable from the back of your TV box, wait 10 seconds, then plug it back in. Now retry the service to see if you still get the error. If you still get the error, restart your TV box by flicking the switch on the back.