How do I remove links from my watch band?

Method 1: By using a pin pusher

  1. Place the watch on the table with the push pins facing up.
  2. Insert the pin pusher into the hole and push the pin firmly.
  3. Once you’ve pushed the pin enough, it will pop out. Use pliers to remove it together with the link.
  4. Repeat the steps until you’ve removed the number of desired links.

How do you remove a quick-release pin from a strap?

Locate the quick-release lever on the backside of the watch strap. Slide the quick-release lever all the way to the left, as far as it will go. Carefully bend the corner of the strap back and away from the spring bar so that the tip pops out of the lever hole.

How do I remove the links from the watch strap?

Firstly, it is necessary to separate the bracelet to remove the links. Remove the spring bar from the watch strap clasp so that the bracelet is separated (to identify which spring bar it is, hold the clasp in your left hand, and it will be the one on the left side). Use the bradawl or spring bar removing tool to compress…

What should I do if I have returned my Sekonda watch?

If you have returned your Sekonda watch and 14 working days have passed, you should have received your money back. However, if this is not the case then please get in touch. Please email us at [email protected]. WHAT SHOULD I DO IF I DO NOT RECEIVE THE CORRECT AMOUNT FOR MY ORDER?

How do I use the Sekonda bracelet gauge?

To use this service, download the Sekonda Bracelet Gauge PDF . Place gauge around wrist. Adjust to comfortable length on wrist. Mark tape at required length. Alternatively, if purchased from a High Street jewellers shop, please return watch to shop for adjustment.

How many links should I take from the strap?

You have to remember to take equal numbers of links from each side of the strap so the watch sits correctly, otherwise if you were to take say 3 links from one side of the stap either the face or the clasp would be in the wrong place on your wrist.