How do I open an NSB account online?

To obtain the Free NSB Internet Banking facility simply download the application form and handover the completed form to the account holding branch. For more information call us on our 24 hour hotline at +94 11 2 379 379.

Does NSB have an app?

NSBPay App- Meet your banking needs securely and at your convenience | National Savings Bank.

How do I transfer money from my NSB account?

Customers who have availed themselves for the NSB Internet Banking facility can transfer funds by debiting their accounts to the intended recipients, who can then receive the funds over the counter, from any NSB branch.

Is NSB a government bank?

A Government owned bank incorporated in Sri Lanka by the National Savings Bank Act No. 30 of 1971 and was granted the status of the Licensed Specialised Bank in terms of the Banking Act No. 30 of 1988.

How many NAB branches in Sri Lanka?

NSB has 259 branches. It also carries out postal banking with the cooperation of 643 post offices and 3,4012 sub-post offices of the Sri Lanka Post.

What is the meaning of NSB?


Acronym Definition
NSB National Savings Bank (UK)
NSB National Science Bowl
NSB National Scenic Byways (USA)
NSB New Site Build (various companies)

What is NSB app?

NSB/AppStudio is a powerful, complete development environment for creating web apps which run on iOS, Android, the desktop and other platforms. A drag and drop design screen lets you design your app using the latest frameworks. Programming can be done in JavaScript or BASIC.

How do I register for NSB mobile banking?

How can I get registered? You can collect an application form from any NSB branch; duly fill it and handover to the NSB branch where the primary savings account is held. After the verification process you will receive a SMS message with essential log in procedures.

Is NSB a commercial bank?

NSB is not a commercial bank.

Who is the owner of NSB bank?

National Savings Bank (Sri Lanka)

Type Government-owned corporation
Area served Sri Lanka
Key people Keasila Jayawardana (Chairperson)
Products Banking, financial and related services
Revenue Rs 125.610 billion (2019)

Who owns National Savings Bank?

National Savings and Investments (NS&I), formerly called the Post Office Savings Bank and National Savings, is a state-owned savings bank in the United Kingdom. It is both a non-ministerial government department and an executive agency of HM Treasury.

What is the richest bank in Sri Lanka?

The Top Banks in Sri Lanka Include:

  • Commercial Bank of Ceylon. Established in 1920, the Commercial Bank of Ceylon provides various banking products and services in Sri Lanka and Mumbai.
  • Sampath Bank Plc.
  • People’s Bank.
  • Hatton National Bank.
  • Seylan Bank Plc.
  • Amana Bank.
  • Nations Trust Bank Plc.
  • DFCC Bank.