How do I obtain a DAU certificate?

To submit a DAWIA Certification request or check to see if you have met all training requirements for a specific career field and level, follow the ins 1. Navigate to DATMS ( and login with your CAC. 2. Update your profile, if prompted.

What is APDP certification?

Acquisition Professional Development Program Through a DoD-wide certification process, the Air Force determines that an individual meets the mandatory education, training, and work experience requirements established for their specific acquisition job.

How long does it take to complete DAU?

First the student must be shown as “graduated” in the DAU system (this is normally done within a day or two but could take up to 10 days after the class is completed). DAU information feeds into the Army Training Requirements and Resources System (ATRRS) database.

How do I get DAWIA certified Level 1?

How do I apply for DAWIA certification? To apply for acquisition certification, please submit electronically through the CAMP website at Once logged in, click on CAPPMIS and then select CMS (Certification Management System).

What are the duties of program manager?

Program Manager Responsibilities

  • Organizing programs and activities in accordance with the mission and goals of the organization.
  • Developing new programs to support the strategic direction of the organization.
  • Creating and managing long-term goals.
  • Developing a budget and operating plan for the program.

Do DAU courses expire?

Your DAU class may be RETIRED! Multiple DAU courses are being retired. If your course is scheduled to be retired and you need to receive credit for it, you MUST complete it before it expires. Once the course is displayed as Inactive on your student account, it will no longer be available for you to complete.

How much do DAU courses cost?

There is no tuition cost to the organization for DAU Courses for civilian employees or military members.

Are DAU credentials worth?

Why you should earn a DAU Credential? Earning DAU credentials can provide you knowledge and skills to perform roles or functions in the DoD acquisition environment. They’re intended to help you meet emerging needs for specific skills and performance in your workplace.

What is Program Manager certification?

The Certified Manager (CM®) certification is a professional credentialing program that verifies an individual’s ability to manage and potential to lead with a level of competency. CM certification is attained by meeting eligibility requirements for education and experience, and passing a series of three CM assessment exams.

How to sign up for Dau?

Industry/Contractor/FLN/NATO students who need to register for DAU Classroom courses must request access to the Industry Training Application System by submitting the DAU System Authorization Access Request (SAAR) form. A job-aid is available to assist with this process.

Is there cost for DAU courses?

There is no tuition cost to the organization for DAU Courses for civilian employees or military members. The TDY costs will be funded for Priority 1 (course required for certification) acquisition workforce employees. Travel and per diem are provided by DAU for Priority 1 students based on their selection of the most cost effective location (CEL).

What is a management certification?

The Certified Manager certification is the product of a comprehensive job task analysis of the management profession to identify the knowledge, skills, and abilities required for competent performance on-the-job. Upon attaining CM certification, certificants will possess proof of their qualification to manage and lead in the workplace.