How do I know what model Rainbow vacuum I have?

The Rainbow serial number has two parts. The number on the top is the actual Manufacture Serial Number of your Rainbow while the 3 numbers on the bottom are the Manufacture Date.

When was the first Rainbow vacuum cleaner made?

The Birth of the Rainbow 1955 brought about a dramatically improved Rexair Cleaner. With a sleek, streamlined design and a motor twice as powerful as its predecessor, Rexair executives decided to rechristen it the “Rainbow.”

How long have Rainbow vacuums been around?

Rexair LLC has manufactured the Rainbow Cleaning System for more than 85 years. Its legendary, water-based filtration system has made the Rainbow known the world over.

Is a Rainbow vacuum worth it?

A: Rainbow vacuums have slightly weaker suction power than Dyson; however, Rainbow are very strong and long-lasting vacuums and are far more durable than Dyson. We feel that the Rainbow vacuum cleaner is better value for money, and therefore better than the Dyson vacuum cleaners.

Is Rainbow vacuum cleaner worth buying?

How much does a Rainbow vacuum salesman make?

Average Rainbow Shops Sales Representative hourly pay in the United States is approximately $16.71, which is 23% above the national average.

How much does a new Rainbow vacuum cost?

The rainbow cleaning system is the one of most famous vacuum cleaners in the world. They are known to focus on canister volumes, have huge warranties, and last just as long. With these features in mind, how much does a new rainbow vacuum cost? Buying a new rainbow vacuum costs anywhere from $1500 to $3000.

How do you clean a Rainbow vacuum?

Remove the water bowl trap from the vacuum by undoing the buckles. Using an old toothbrush, brush any dirt or lint from the edge of the bowl and the seal on the vacuum itself.

How do you use Rainbow vacuum cleaner?

To use a Rainbow Aquamate shampooer, fill the tank with water, attach the Aquamate to the vacuum, and fill the shampoo bottle before cleaning your carpet or rug. To ensure proper operation of the machine, only use Rainbow Vacuum cleaning products.

How does Rainbow vacuum cleaner work?

A rainbow vacuum cleaner[1] has several benefits such as: Cleanliness: It lets you clean up dirty and dusty surfaces, ensuring the environment around is presentable. Fresh air: Some rainbow vacuum cleaners water-wash the air, removing any toxic gases or clearing pollution.