How do I find my Linksys IP Address?

  1. Click Network.
  2. Click on Wi-Fi then click the Advanced… button.
  3. Select TCP/IP. Your router’s local IP address should be displayed in the Router field. In the example below, the local IP address of the router is 10.150. 104.80.

How do I reset my Linksys WAP300N?

Hold the Reset button at the back panel of the WAP300N for about 10 seconds then release. You can also use the web interface to reset the access point. To do this, go to the Administration tab > Factory Defaults then set Restore Factory Defaults to Yes and click Save Settings. 4.

What is wireless media connector?

The media connector converts any wired network enabled device with available Ethernet port to the latest wireless technology.

Is WIFI media connector?

This media connector is based on wireless-AC so it is compatible with wireless-N (5 GHz) and wireless-A routers and access points. However, it is advisable to connect the media connector to a wireless-AC router for optimum wireless network performance.

What is the Linksys wap300n?

1. What is the Linksys WAP300N? The Linksys WAP300N is a selectable dual-band wireless access point based on IEEE 802.11n draft 2.0 and optimized for video transmission. It can operate either in 2.4 GHz or 5.0 GHz radio bands, and is fully backward compatible with widely deployed 802.11a/b/g/n infrastructure.

What is the default username and password of the wap300n?

The default username and password of the WAP300N is “admin” and the IP Address is If the access point is connected to an existing network, the IP Address will change according to the IP segment of the network.

How do I Find my wap300n’s IP address?

If the WAP300N is connected to a network with a DHCP server (usually the network router), find the device’s IP address in the DHCP client table of your router (refer to your router’s documentation for help) Use that IP address to open the browser-based utility

How do I set up the wap300n with the setup CD?

The Setup CD can only help you set up the WAP300N in Access Point mode For more information and examples of other modes, see the diagrams on pages 4 to 7 To install your WAP300N: 1. Insert the CD into your CD or DVD drive Make sure that the computer is already connected to your home network