How do I add music to startup in Windows 10?

Change the Windows 10 Startup Sound

  1. Go to Settings > Personalization and click on Themes in the right sidebar.
  2. In the Themes menu, click on Sounds.
  3. Navigate to the Sounds tab and locate Windows Logon in the Program Events section.
  4. Press the Test button to listen to your PC’s default/current startup sound.

Where is the Windows startup sound file?

C:\Windows\Media folder
Note: The sound must be stored in the C:\Windows\Media folder. If you place it in another folder, Windows won’t be able to find it. One more thing you should keep in mind is that your startup song has to be in a . wav format, as Windows 10 only supports Wave audio files for all its notification sounds.

How do I get Windows XP startup sound?

Under “Program”, click Windows Logon. To disable the startup sound, uncheck Play Windows startup sound, or choose (None) in the “Sounds:” drop-down menu. To enable the sound, check Play Windows startup sound, or choose your desired sound from the “Sounds:” drop-down menu.

How do I change the Windows 10 startup sound?

Enable Windows 10 Startup Sound Step 1: Press the Windows + I keys to open Windows Settings. Click Personalization > Themes. Step 2: Look for the Sounds button and click it. Under the Sounds tab, locate Play Windows Startup sound and check it.

Does Windows 10 have startup sound?

In Windows , the actual startup sound is default. However, as a workaround, you can check Play Windows Startup sound on the Sounds tab. Also, Let us try the following steps, and check if it helps. Open Start menu, type change system sounds and click on change system Sound from the search bar results.

How do I change the startup sound?

This worked for me.

  1. Right click on the speaker icon on bottom right of screen.
  2. Click on sounds.
  3. Ensure “Play windows startup sound” is checked.
  4. Right click on start button.
  5. click on “Power options”
  6. click on “Choose what power button do.”
  7. Uncheck “Turn on fast startup” ( it does say recommended to check this box)

Who made the Windows 95 startup sound?

Windows 95 Startup Sound/Artists
Technology giant Microsoft originally commissioned English musician Brian Eno in 1994 to create the startup sound for Windows 95 operating system. The six-second startup music came to be known as ‘The Microsoft Sound’.

Who created the Windows 95 startup sound?

Brian Eno
Twenty years ago this week, Microsoft introduced its Windows 95 operating system on CD-ROM. One of the legacies of the operating system was its dreamy startup music, composed by legendary producer Brian Eno and titled “The Microsoft Sound.” It lasts six seconds.

Why is the no startup sound in Windows 10?

Why didn’t Microsoft include startup sound in windows 10? – Quora. They did, it’s just that it’s turned off by default. To enable the startup sound, type ‘sounds’ in the start bar, select ‘Change System Sounds’ and tick the checkbox.

How do I turn off system sounds in Windows 11?

Turn off all system sounds on Windows 11 In the same ‘Sound’ control panel window, click on the drop-down menu under ‘Sound Scheme’. Select No sounds. Click OK. Now, you won’t get any system sound interruptions, regardless of what the program event is.

How do I make Windows Logon sound?

Play the Logon Sound in Windows 10

  1. Open Administrative Tools.
  2. Click the Task Scheduler icon.
  3. In the Task Scheduler library, click on the Create Task…
  4. In Create Task dialog, fill in the Name box some meaningful text like “Play logon sound”.
  5. Set the option Configure for: Windows 10.

How can I play song at Windows startup?

Play Music at Windows Startup Go to start > control panel, then choose sounds, speech, and audio devices. Then click on sounds and audio devices. Now click on sound. Now on program events you scroll down and choose ” Start Windows ” Now choose ” Browse …” and find your music file. Now just select the song you wish to have upon starting Windows.

How to change the Windows startup sounds?

Press “Windows”+”R” to open the Run prompt.

  • Type in “regedit” and press “Enter”.Opening the Registry Editor
  • Navigate to the following address.ComputerHKEY_CURRENT_USERAppEventsEventLabelsNavigating to the location
  • Double click on the “WindowsLogOn” folder.Clicking on the “WindowsLogOn” Folder
  • Double click on the ” Exclude from CPL ” option and change the “Hexadecimal” to “0”.Changing the Value Data to “0”
  • Double click again on the “WindowsLogOff” Folder and double click on the…
  • Can I change Windows startup sound?

    To change the startup sound, try these steps and check. Press Windows key + X, select Control Panel . Select Sound and click on “Sounds” Tab. From here you can select individual sound and change them from the drop-down list of the default sounds provided by Windows. If you want your own sound select it by using Browse.

    How to disable startup music sound?

    Follow below steps if you want to disable windows startup sound. Right Click or Tap on Volume icon in notification area on bottom right side of your screen, and select ‘Sounds’ from pop-up menu. In Sound Settings dialog, Uncheck ‘Play Windows Startup Sound’ checkbox. Click on ‘Apply’ button and then click on ‘OK’ button to close Sound Settings dialog.