How did az vote in 2012?

Arizona was won by Romney with a 9.03% margin. This is the most recent presidential election when Arizona failed to back the winning candidate of the Electoral College and the presidency, and when the Democratic candidate won the general election without winning Arizona in addition.

How did Alaska vote in 2016 presidential election?

Alaska has three electoral votes in the Electoral College. Trump carried the state with 51.28% of the vote, while Clinton received 36.55% of the vote. He ran again as the Libertarian Party’s 2016 nominee and appeared on the ballot in Alaska.

How many times Alaska voted Democrat?

United States presidential elections in Alaska

Number of elections 16
Voted Democratic 1
Voted Republican 15
Voted other 0
Voted for winning candidate 9

What did the Electoral College map look like in 2012?

The Electoral College map looked similar to the 2008 map with two exceptions. Obama won Indiana and North Carolina in 2008 as part of his victory over McCain. Romney won both states in 2012.

When will the electoral results be certified in 2021?

Due to violent unrest in and around the Capitol, the electoral results were not certified until 3:44 a.m., the morning of January 7, 2021. Click on the name of a State to see its Certificate of Ascertainment.

When does the Electoral College count the votes?

December 14, 2020 —Electors vote The electors in each State meet to select the President and Vice President of the United States. January 6, 2021 —Congress counts the vote Congress meets in joint session to count the electoral votes (unless Congress passes a law to change the date). January 20, 2021—Inauguration Day

How does Nebraska distribute its electoral college votes?

Nebraska distributes its electoral votes proportionally, with two at-large electors representing the statewide winning presidential and vice presidential candidates and one elector each representing the winners from its three Congressional districts.