How can I pass my theory test uk?

10 tips on how to pass your theory test

  1. Book your theory test.
  2. Hit the books.
  3. Brush up on your hazard spotting.
  4. Put in the hours.
  5. Take a mock test.
  6. Leave plenty of time.
  7. Don’t forget your provisional licence photocard.
  8. Use the practice time.

How many questions are in the theory test?

50 questions
Practice to pass your official driving theory test faster

How long is the multiple choice theory test: 57 minutes (50 questions)
How long is the hazard perception test: 14 minutes (1 minute per clip)
How many questions are there on the theory test: 50 questions (43 correct to pass)

What happens if I miss my theory test?

What happens if I miss my Test appointment? If you fail to arrive at the Test Centre in time for your test appointment, or cancel your test in less than 5 business days (to include 3 complete business days) prior to your test date, you will lose your test fee.

Can you rebook your theory test before it expires?

Theory test expiry If you have a valid theory pass that is due to expire, you can book and retake your theory test before your current version expires.

Where can I book a theory test in Derby?

Derby Theory Test Centre Essential Information. We’ll book a DVSA theory test in Derby on your behalf. Take advantage of our ‘3 free retests’. scheme for added peace of mind, if you’re unsuccessful. The address is: Part Ground Floor East Wing, 100 Mansfield Road, Derby, Derbyshire, DE1 3TT.

What is the location of Mansfield theory test centre?

The location of Mansfield Theory Test Centre for car, motorcycle and HGV/LGV candidates is: If you’re travelling to the test centre by car, the nearest parking is at Stockwell Gate North at a cost of £1.00 per hour. It is within a minute’s walk of the test centre. The station is approximately 0.3 miles away, a 6 minute walk to the test centre.

Where can I find the theory test centre?

The test centre is located within the College of Health and Beauty, which has a large glass frontage and is situated off the A601 onto Mansfield Road, Theory test centres don’t provide telephone numbers to candidates. If you need to contact the theory test centre, you must get in touch with the DVSA who manage theory test bookings.

How do I book a driving theory test?

An automated telephone line is available to book a theory test. To arrange a theory test in Derby, please see the book a driving theory test section for telephone booking details. Though this number is automated, you can be put through to a member of the DVSA staff if you have any queries.