How big is the Antonov AN-225?

290 feet
The Antonov AN-225 is the biggest airplane in the world. Mriya’s wingspan measures 290 feet, that’s longer than five semi-truck trailers set end-to-end. Only one An-225 was ever built by the Kiev-based Antonov company, which came up with the design.

Is the Airbus Beluga bigger than the Antonov 225?

The main deck cargo volume of the Beluga is greater than that of the C-5 Galaxy or the Antonov An-124 but still smaller than Antonov An-225. However, it is restricted by cargo-weight capacity of 47 tonnes, compared to 122.5 tonnes for the C-5 Galaxy and 150 tonnes for the An-124.

What is the second biggest plane in the world?


Aircraft First flight Note
Boeing 747 9 Feb 1969 Most capable airliner until the Airbus A380
Antonov An-124 26 Dec 1982 Most capable transport until the An-225
Antonov An-225 Mriya 21 Dec 1988 Heaviest aircraft and most capable transport
Airbus Beluga 13 Sep 1994 A300 derivative, largest volume until the Dreamlifter

What is the largest plane ever built?

Antonov An-225 This is the heaviest aircraft ever built and has the widest wingspan of any operational aircraft. It also has six engines and 32 wheels! It was originally launched in 1971 to transport the USSR’s equivalent of the Space Shuttle, known as Buran.

Is the Spruce Goose still the largest plane in the world?

The Spruce Goose was the world’s largest plane (until recently), built for a war that was already over and never found a place in our modern world.

Is Airbus Beluga bigger than dreamlifter?

For completeness, the Beluga comes in behind both, with a volume of 1,500 cubic meters. But for body length, the Dreamlifter wins. It is a stretched version of the 747-400 fuselage with a total length of 71.68 meters. The Beluga XL has a length of 63.1 meters.

What are the dimensions of the Antonov An-225?

The AN-225’s pressurised cargo compartment is massive with a length of 44.32m, width of 6.4m and a height of 4.4m. Even the landing gear on this mammoth aircraft is impressive with 32 wheels to evenly distribute the Antonov AN-225’s weight.

What is The wingspan of An-225?

Official Name: AN-225, Mriya Wingspan: 290 ft. Length: 275 ft. 7 in. Height: 59 ft. 8½

What is the difference between the An-124 and An-225?

Unlike the An-124, the An-225 was not intended for tactical airlifting and is not designed for short-field operation.

What is the difference between the A380 and the An-225?

Naturally, the two aircraft have been built with very different purposes. The A380 is a large passenger aircraft made to connect two different distant hubs, but at the same time fly as fuel efficiently as possible. The Antonov AN-225 is designed to carry the heaviest cargo possible to a massive range, with no regard for fuel or costs.