Does the US have a good relationship with Indonesia?

Relations between Indonesia and the U.S. are generally positive and have advanced since the election of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in 2004. Cooperative relations are maintained today, although no formal security treaties bind the two countries.

What are Indonesian families like?

Indonesian people are very family-oriented. Family holds the most important meaning for Indonesian culture. It is very common in Indonesia that children live with their parents even after they are married. In Indonesian culture, gatherings with extended family are quite common.

How do Indonesians show respect to elders?

Elders are respected through performing salim, which is a revering handshake by touching the back of the hand to the forehead. This salim gesture is similar to hand-kissing, with exception it is only tip of nose or forehead that touch the hand, not the lips. This can be seen in both the village and families.

What do Indonesian people call their grandma?

The word for “grandmother” is nenek and “grandfather” is kakek. Be sure not to confuse kakek with kakak! Local languages all over Indonesia have their own words for grandparents, which we won’t get into.

What is dating like in Indonesia?

Men are expected to take initiative, they are expected to start conversation, sending flowers, calling the girls first, etc. While women are expected to passively wait for men to approach them. In Indonesia you are not really considered dating if a man hasn’t said “I love you” to a woman.

Which part of someone else’s body should you never touch in Indonesia?

The left hand is considered unclean. Do not touch food, pass or receive anything, touch anyone or point with your left hand. Approval is sometimes shown with a pat on the shoulder, but American-style backslapping is considered offensive.

Why is the left hand considered unclean in Indonesia?

Throughout Indonesian society the left hand is used for “toilet duties” and is therefore considered unclean. In Indonesia, it is rude and offensive to hand someone something with your left hand, especially food or drink, or to shake hands with your left hand.

Does Indonesia recognize Taiwan?

Currently, Indonesia does not officially recognize Republic of China (Taiwan) as it adopted One-China Policy; officially recognizing only the People’s Republic of China since 1950.

Which country is best friend of Indonesia?

Though their relationship doesn’t receive much press, Morocco-Indonesia ties are flourishing.

What is the relationship like between Indonesia and the United States?

Diplomatic relations between the Republic of Indonesia and the United States of America. Indonesia–United States relations are bilateral relations between Indonesia and the United States. Relations between the two are generally strong and close.

Is Indonesia’s democratization good for US-Indonesia relations?

Indonesia’s democratization and reform process since 1998 has increased its stability and security, and resulted in strengthened U.S.-Indonesia relations.

What is the United States doing to help Indonesia?

The U.S. has welcomed Indonesia’s contributions to regional security, especially its leading role in helping restore democracy in Cambodia and in mediating territorial disputes in the South China Sea . The U.S. is committed to consolidating Indonesia’s democratic transition and supports the territorial integrity of the country.

How to report the death of an American citizen in Indonesia?

Please call us anytime to report the death of an American citizen at +62-21-5083-1000, select 0 to speak with the operator. For more information, please see Travel.State.Gov. The following is submitted in accordance with referenced requirements to provide current data on Indonesian law regarding the disposition of remains.