Does the $20 trick work at the Aria?

The clerk will take your $20 as a tip. While it doesn’t always work, the $20 trick is your best chance at a free room upgrade at Aria.

What is the 20 sandwich trick Las Vegas?

How is the $20 trick done? The $20 trick is executed by sandwiching a $20 bill between your driver’s license and credit card when checking into the hotel. While handing over the $20 sandwich, most guests also ask if there are any complimentary room upgrades available.

Is Aria a good place to stay?

It all feels incredibly civilized and luxurious, from the restaurants to the pools (especially the private Sky Suites pool, which is far more serene than other pool areas in Las Vegas). Bottom line: worth it, and why? Aria is completely worth the slightly elevated prices over some other hotels on the Strip.

Can I check in early Aria Las Vegas?

Arrive at ARIA early? Check In at the Front Desk and even if your room isn’t ready yet, we will take your cell number and call or text you when it is! Drop your bags at the Bell Desk and start enjoying yourself! it’s called check in time for a reason.

What is the $20 dollar sandwich trick in Las Vegas?

The $20 Dollar sandwich trick is a Las Vegas secret of getting free room upgrades and complimentary offers from the hotel. The trick gets its name because you fold a $20 bill small enough to be sandwiched between your credit card and ID.

What is the Las Vegas check-in trick?

Las Vegas Folklore tells of a magical trick you can perform upon the unsuspecting Check-in clerks of Las Vegas Casino Hotels. This Trick, similar in nature to a Jedi Mind Trick, renders the clerk unable to resist upgrading your room to the best available at no extra cost.

Should you tip the front desk in Las Vegas?

Tipping the hotel’s front desk staff means the chance of landing a cheap room upgrade. Twenty bucks for a room upgrade is a no-brainer, right? The so-called ‘$20 dollar trick’ or ‘credit card sandwich’ is common across the US, but in Las Vegas – a city that runs on tips – it’s universal.

What is the $20 dollar trick?

But today we Bust open the Magic Circle and share the secrets of this powerful trick. The legendary $20 Dollar Trick. First a stunning revelation. It’s not a trick, it is just tipping in advance. It’s a very common and accepted practice in Las Vegas and helps the Hotel out in a number of ways.