Does RS companion still work?

As announced last year, we have removed the RuneScape companion app; the app itself was using older technologies that are no longer actively supported by our development team. On 4th Feburary 2019 the app was taken down from the iOS and Andoid stores and is no longer available. …

Is RuneScape mobile same as PC?

Since Runescape is a cross-play game, there aren’t any huge differences between the mobile and desktop versions – players need to be able to play together, after all. That doesn’t mean it’s an identical experience though.

Is RuneScape on mobile?

RuneScape is now available for pre-registration on both iOS and Android, and doing so unlocks some extra rewards for fans. Bringing RuneScape to mobile is quite a feat, especially because it has full cross-save functionality set up. Old School RuneScape is already available on mobile, with over 8 million installs.

Is RS3 or Osrs more popular?

Oldschool Runescape is definitely more popular than RS 3 Eoc now, no doubt . if you looking a pure runescape, go to oldschool Runescape. I deliver 5 bil osrs gold (legit store ) to people everday, and rs 3 only 1 bil in total.

How is Runescape still alive?

Yes, and the reason it is still alive is because of the seasonal dead man mode that OSRS has! The rewards are huge for multiple winners of the seasonal tournament including $20,000 cash!

Is RuneScape 3 mobile free?

Starting today, anyone can dive into the long-running MMORPG on iOS and Android. RuneScape is free-to-play, though subscribers get access to more quests, skills and other extras. You can check out the membership for free with a seven-day trial.

What should a beginner do in RuneScape?

A beginner’s guide to RuneScape

  1. Follow the path. Completing the tutorial will transport you to Gielinor where you’ll find yourself put on the Path System.
  2. Set off on an adventure.
  3. Build up your character.
  4. Get a handle on combat.
  5. Joining a Clan.