Does Qatar Airways carry cargo?

Qatar Airways’ rise to the top of the cargo market has been a meteoric one. The airline has been growing its capacity drastically since 2014, seeing a growth of 117% in terms of scheduled FTKs (freight tonne-kilometers). “Today in the industry, Qatar Airways is the largest cargo operator in the world today.

How many cargo planes does Qatar have?

Utilising a dedicated freighter fleet of 28 aircraft (two B747-8 and 26 Boeing 777 freighters) and six B777-300ER mini freighters – together with freight capacity on board Qatar Airways’ passenger fleet – we deliver air freight to more than 160 key global business and leisure destinations on over 250 aircraft.

How many aircraft does Qatar Airways have?

Currently, Qatar Airways operates a total of 231 aircraft. The stars of the show are the airline’s widebodies, which fly on the longest and highest demand markets. According to, here is Qatar Airways’ widebody fleet as it stands today, 48 Boeing 777-300ERs.

Who is Qatar Airways owner?

Akbar Al Baker (1997–)
Qatar Airways/CEO

Do Qatar Airways have a380?

Qatar Airways has 10 A380s in its fleet, all of which have been dormant throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Does Qatar Airways have Airbus a380?

According to flight data from, Qatar Airways has so far reactivated three of its ten Airbus A380s, with a heavy focus on the carrier’s younger jets. The three aircraft so far reactivated are (ages per data from, A7-APG – 5.51 years old. A7-APH – 5.01 years old.

How many Airbus A380 does Qatar Airways have?

Current fleet

Aircraft In service Notes
Airbus A350-900 34 Launch customer.
Airbus A350-1000 19
Airbus A380-800 10 Five aircraft temporary in operation as of December 2021 to cover for A350 Groundings, with a possibility of all 10 returning later.

Does Qatar Airways have Airbus A380?