Does Maui airport have duty free?

The Maui airport does not have liquor stores like the big airports on the mainland. They have a few gift shops on the upper level, and one on the lower level. Because there are no duty free stores at the airport in Maui, we buy our duty free items at the airport in Vancouver before fly to Maui.

Does OGG have duty free?

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Does the Maui airport have food?

Maui airport food is most available at restaurants that are grouped together in one location in the center of the second floor, inside of security, where the hallways all meet that connect all departure and arrival gates. The only full-service restaurant in the airport is Sammy’s.

Is there WiFi at Kahului Airport?

WiFi is available, with free and paid faster connections. Additional comfort can be found through fee-based access to the airport’s first-class lounge. See Airport Lounges in the guide below for locations.

Can you buy pineapples at Maui airport?

Yes, all the airlines still allow one box per person. You can get them at stores, Costco, or through vendors like Take Home Maui and Mr. Pineapple.

Can you stay overnight in Kahului Airport?

After security checkpoints close for the night, passengers are restricted to the open-air baggage claim area, and must re-clear security the next day when the checkpoints open. Sleeping spots in this area are limited, with reviewers resorting to sleeping on stone benches, airport wheelchairs and a luggage cart.

What time does the Kahului airport open?

Main Terminal: Central Building Open daily 7:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.

Does Kahului Airport have WiFi?

WiFi is available, with free and paid faster connections. Additional comfort can be found through fee-based access to the airport’s first-class lounge.

What to do at Kahului Airport?

Kahului Airport serves flights from the US to Maui island. It is the second busiest airport in Hawaii after Honolulu Airport. Within the two airport terminals, you can find plenty of services to accommodate passengers such as food & drink and leisure services, restaurants, cafés, retail stores, etc.

What airport is Ogg in Hawaii?

Kahului Airport (IATA: OGG, ICAO: PHOG), is the main international gateway serving the city of Kahului and the island of Maui, in Hawaii, United States. It is located in the east of Kahului, nearby Haleakala and West Mau mountain range, at 5 kilometers from downtown.

What is the name of the airport in Maui Hawaii?

Kahului Airport, also known as Maui Airport, welcomes you to the exotic island of Maui. The airport is the gateway to the island and the only airport serving flights from the U.S. mainland to Maui Island. Located three miles east of downtown Kahului, the airport is nestled between the Haleakala and West Maui mountain range.

What airport does Hawaiian Airlines fly out of?

Kahului Airport works as a hub for Hawaiian Airlines. Kahului Airport registered 7,978,593 passengers in 2019 . Kahului Airport has two passenger terminals: Overseas Terminal: also known as Main Terminal.