Does a CB antenna need to be vertical?

So, ideally you want a vertical antenna. Pretty much any other shape is going to distort the polarization and result in less signal being picked up by other users. Also, a horizontally polarized antennas at CB frequencies gets to be a bit cumbersome.

Does a vertical antenna have gain?

Vertical antennas include: Using this antenna, more power is radiated at a low angle of radiation, enabling gain to be obtained in the required plane.

Should CB antenna be vertical or horizontal?

Most CB is vertical so that should be used for most communications. For longer distance signals, the vertical polarization may shift in the atmosphere so you may or may not have better signal on them using horizontal polarization.

What is the length of a CB base antenna?

Many CB base antennas are 24′ in physical length, matching the antenna. 50′ long antenna, but rather two 5/8 wave CB base antennas stacked on top of each other.. There is actually a middle phasing section, the brings both 5/8 wave elements in phase electrically.. This both doubles the collinear’s

What is the advantage of 5/8 vertical antenna?

The five eighths wavelength vertical antenna (5/8 λ) provides gain over the quarter wave vertical for little extra complexity & cost.

Why a 5/8 vertical for 20m?

The fibre masts are just tall enough to hold a 5/8 vertical for 20m, the idea of building a 5/8 was born. After studying different types of verticals we concluded that the 5/8 would be the best vertical for our goal (international contesting and DX’ing).

What size vertical antenna for 20m?

Our 5/8 vertical for 20m, during a windy day. Lots of radio amateurs build their own verticals. Most of them tend to stick to vertical antennas with a 1/4 or 1/2 wave sizing. Just a happy few build a 5/8 wave vertical antenna.