Do you need a reservation for Chatfield reservoir?

​Camping at all state parks now requires a reservation. A popular activity at Chatfield is individual and group camping. Camping reservations are required in addition to the parks pass.

Can you swim in Chatfield reservoir?

Chatfield State Park, is located in Littleton, and features 1,500 acres of surface water and a swimmable beach area. Swimming in the reservoir is only allowed at the appointed swim beach area. Chatfield State Park is located at 11500 Roxborough Park Rd, Littleton, CO 80125.

Is there a fee for Chatfield reservoir?

Daily Vehicle Park Passes: Daily Vehicle Park Pass fees are $9 per vehicle at most parks, $10 for Chatfield, Boyd Lake, Castlewood, Eldorado, Golden Gate, Highline, Lake Pueblo, Roxborough and Staunton state parks, and $11 for Cherry Creek (due to the Cherry Creek Water Basin Authority fee).

Can you walk into Chatfield reservoir?

You can take a morning jog, walk through natural areas around the reservoir, leisurely pedal your bicycle through the park or ride a horse into the sunset. Trail maps are available at the park’s main entrances. Download Chatfield State Park trail map.

Is Chatfield Reservoir busy?

Chatfield SP can get crowded, but doesn’t fill often, and there are always areas with less crowding, especially on the back side (south).

What happened at Chatfield State Park?

Death investigation underway after a body was found in water at Chatfield State Park in Colorado. JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. On Tuesday, South Metro Fire and Rescue was called to an area in Chatfield State Park near Waterton Road and Wadsworth Boulevard after a body was found in the water.

Does Chatfield have a beach?

In the heat of the summer, the swimming area at Chatfield State Park draws tons of visitors looking for a reprieve. It’s open annually from Memorial Day through Labor Day and boasts a big, sandy beach with plenty of space to accommodate large groups.

Is Chatfield open?

Chatfield is Open for Camping All Year When visitors see Chatfield’s beautiful rolling foothills, expansive reservoir and abundant wildlife, they can’t believe the park is located just outside the Denver metro area.

Are there grills at Chatfield Reservoir?

Numerous picnic sites with tables and grills are located throughout the park. Its facilities include spaces for 125 people, electrical outlets, two group grills, 10 tables, one hydrant water fountain, flush toilets, poles for a volleyball net and horseshoe pits. …

Is Chatfield Reservoir dirty?

State data indicate no standards are violated in Chatfield Reservoir — at the metro area’s southwestern edge. Even at Chatfield, however, runoff from surrounding terrain sometimes pushes bacteria to levels where “you have a good chance you might get sick” if you drank it untreated, Gunderson said.

How many people have drowned in Chatfield Reservoir?

CHATFIELD STATE PARK, Colo. (CBS4) – Sunday’s drowning death adds to the record number of drowning deaths that have happened at state parks. There have been three at Chatfield alone.

Can you swim at Chatfield gravel pond?

When can we swim? Swimming will be offered by Chatfield Gravel Pond Swimmers, a registered USMS/COMSA club, from Saturday May 22nd to Saturday September 18th. Our permit allows for swimming on Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Saturday’s. Saturday swim times are from 7:00 am to 10:00 am.

Where is Chatfield Reservoir located in Colorado?

Chatfield Reservoir. Location in the State of Colorado. Chatfield Dam and Reservoir is a dam and artificial lake located on the South Platte River, south of Littleton, Colorado. The dam and reservoir were built by the United States Army Corps of Engineers as a response to the disastrous flood of 1965.

Does Chatfield have a campground?

When visitors see Chatfield’s beautiful rolling foothills, expansive reservoir and abundant wildlife, they can’t believe the park is located just outside the Denver metro area. Our campground has full service sites available seasonally offering water, sewer and electric hookups or sites with electric only offered year around.

What is the size of Chatfield Lake?

The 1,500 acre (6 km 2) lake has a conservation storage capacity of 27,000 acre⋅ft (0.033 km 3) with a flood-control pool of over 350,000 acre⋅ft (0.43 km 3 ) The reservoir is surrounded by Chatfield State Park, a recreation area with boating, horseback riding and camping. A secondary inflow from the south is Plum Creek.

How much did Chatfield Dam cost to build?

Chatfield Reservoir. In addition to its primary purpose of flood control, it serves as one of many water supply reservoirs for the city of Denver, Colorado. In 1966, the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission projected a total federal cost of $74 million. Construction of the project was begun in 1967 and the dam was completed in 1975.