Do junipers like water?

Watering. Evergreen junipers are extremely drought tolerant and prefer their soil on the dry side. Water newly planted junipers twice a week when there is no rainfall for the first two months. Junipers need weekly watering for the first summer to develop an extensive root system.

How do you protect junipers in the winter?

The best protection is to cover the juniper with vexar netting. Apply in late fall and leave on the plant until the threat of snow has passed in early spring. These plants are very susceptible to wind, sun and snow damage through the winter months, especially if they have been planted in an unprotected location.

How big do Chinese junipers get?

15–20 feet tall
Description: Keteleeri Chinese juniper is a slower-growing broadly pyramidal evergreen tree with light green scale-like leaves. It is a dense, evergreen, small tree with a pyramidal habit that typically grows 15–20 feet tall.

How do you grow Juniperus communis?

Suitable pH: acid, neutral and basic (alkaline) soils and can grow in very acid and very alkaline soils. It can grow in semi-shade (light woodland) or no shade. It prefers dry or moist soil and can tolerate drought. The plant can tolerate maritime exposure.

Where should I put bonsai in winter?

Bonsai trees need a minimal amount of light during the winter. In fact, too much exposure to winter sun can dry out the bare branches of deciduous trees and the foliage/needles of evergreens. Place your plant in a shady or partially shaded location through the winter if possible.

What is a sea green juniper?

Juniperus × pfitzeriana ‘Sea Green’ (Chinese Juniper) is a compact, evergreen shrub of graceful, fountain-like habit with arching branches clothed with dark mint green foliage which turns even darker in winter. Valued for its decorative effect throughout the year, this small Juniper makes a wonderful specimen plant or a low hedge.

What does a Juniperus chinensis look like?

Details of Juniperus chinensis follow, many of which apply to Old Gold. More information on Juniperus chinensis. No true fruits, but female cones are blue, fleshy “berry” looking and edible, often used as a seasoning. No flowers, but cones are large and brown and fall apart upon maturity. Female cones are blue, fleshy “berry” looking.

Is sea green juniper resistant to Cedar apple rust?

This Juniperus like others is deer, drought, air pollution, salt, and erosion resistant but also purportedly resistant to Cedar Apple Rust prevalent to other junipers. Details of Juniperus chinensis follow, many of which apply to Sea Green. More information on Juniperus chinensis.

What kind of Juniper has golden leaves?

Regarded as one of the best golden spreaders, Juniperus × pfitzeriana ‘Old Gold’ (Chinese Juniper) is a compact, evergreen shrub of graceful habit with ascending branches clothed with deep bronze-gold foliage which retains its great color all year round. The soft, thin, scale-like leaves are bright golden yellow color on the tips of the new growth.