Did SEPTA reach an agreement?

Members of Philadelphia’s largest transit worker’s union reached a tentative contract agreement. Oct. The agreement announced by the union early Friday includes a two-year contract with a pay increase, a pandemic payment and parental leave for workers. …

What union is SEPTA?

Transport Workers Union Local 234
PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The Transport Workers Union Local 234 announced on Saturday that they’ve ratified a two-year contract with SEPTA. The contract includes raises, pandemic hazard pay bonuses, and parental leave. The vote was 1,450 to 631.

Is SEPTA going on strike 2020?

Members of SEPTA’s largest workers union will not go on strike after reaching a tentative agreement on a new contract with the transit agency. The proposed two-year contract provides raises, pandemic-related hazard bonuses and parental leave for some 5,000 Transit Union Workers Local 234 members.

How many times has SEPTA been on strike?

SEPTA has been called the most-strike prone transit agency in the nation. Here’s a look at how the previous TWU Local 234 work stoppages went down, and what to expect this time around.

What is SEPTA phone number?

1 (215) 580-7800
SEPTA/Customer service

Why is SEPTA on strike?

SEPTA workers on Sunday authorized a strike as they seek higher wages, better parental leave terms and financial assistance for families of workers who died due to COVID-19. The strike would affect buses, trolleys, the subway and elevated train lines in Philadelphia.

Did Philadelphia SEPTA go on strike?

SEPTA strike averted as transit agency and union reach tentative deal – Axios Philadelphia. SEPTA service will remain on track Monday. Driving the news: The Transport Workers Union Local 234 and SEPTA are moving closer to ratifying a two-year deal, which averted a potential strike.

What to do if SEPTA strikes?

In case of a strike, all regular fares will apply. SEPTA weekly and monthly TransPasses loaded on SEPTA Key Cards will be valid for travel at all times at all Regional Rail Stations in Philadelphia, except Forest Hills and Somerton. At these stations, a Zone 3 Quick Trip or Pass will be required.

How much do SEPTA bus drivers make?

Average SEPTA Bus Driver yearly pay in the United States is approximately $60,959, which is 75% above the national average.

Are there bathrooms on SEPTA trains?

Municipal bathrooms aren’t a thing in Philadelphia — or in most U.S. cities and towns. Most of Philly’s parks and plazas don’t have them. They’re not on SEPTA train cars. They aren’t really anywhere.

What will be affected if SEPTA goes on strike?