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Efficient advices for students in simple words

Learn How to Become the Best Intern Ever

Stage is not only a chance to improve the curriculum in addition, it is also a great opportunity to gain valuable experience in your sphere that later benefit to you at your first job. We share with you tips on how excellent interns. Here they are: Be enthusiastic, proactive and enthusiastic. Of course, the technical […]

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Why Not to Become an Early Riser

The new academic year began. New teachers, new themes, presumably to meet new people, new tasks. In case, if you are a cool – all life is a novelty! Unfortunately, the day has only 24 hours to cope with any need for students a large workload. Maybe it’s time to be an early riser to keep up with all? The […]

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Movement is Life! Or how it affects your studies

A few years ago, scientists at Stanford have conducted an interesting study in virtual laboratory of human interaction, which is of great importance to students. Trembles, young minds! Now pass the exam without training will help another new way! The results of this test, the scientists found that a specific position of the shoulders and […]

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Movies that would make you think

It is no secret that much nicer about thinking about anything or thinking as little as possible. The whole world of the 21st century with its tremendous entertainment industry and urged us to relax and have fun, forget about the companies. Add to this the factor of procrastination and choice between the solution of the […]

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What is the “relevance of the topic” of a coursework?

The main requirement for any scientific research (ESP, diploma or dissertation), – a justification for the relevance of the theme, on which conducted the study. The relevance of the research topics characterizes its relevance and importance for the solution of specific problems (problem, issue), which arose before the author of the work, if the exchange […]

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Coursework Writing Procedure

A coursework is an academic task, which adds to the total level of a student. Coursework writing can be an assignment that is challenging because it may vary in content and structure according to the research purpose and coursework type. Coursework writing, even public services coursework, may adopt the report or essay structure, but it […]

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