Can you sharpen annular cutters?

Annular Cutters offer superior holemaking capabilities. They cut faster, last longer, produce a better hole finish, a true round hole with very tight tolerances, can be re-sharpened and drills holes with less power and torque.

How accurate are annular cutters?

Annular cutting, the cutting of metal with a hollow-core bit, is an efficient way to create holes 7/16″ to 6″ diameter (up to 10″ deep) with an accuracy of +0.004″, -0.000″ in steel, stainless steel, etc. Multiple cutting teeth cut only the material around the periphery of the hole, forming a solid metal slug.

What is an annular hole?

An annular cutter is similar to a hole saw but differs in geometry and material. The two most common types are high-speed steel (HSS) and tungsten carbide tipped (TCT). Like a hole saw, but unlike a spiral drill bit, an annular cutter cuts only the periphery of a hole, leaving a circular “slug” at the center.

What is TCT annular cutter?

These carbide cutting tools are used to drill in hardened materials such as HARDOX steel, stainless steels and high tensile strength steel such as railway tracks. …

What is a Weldon?

A Weldon flat is a flat section on a tool shank. When placed in a Toolholder the flat on the shank is held in place by set screws within the body of the holder. Using this flat, a set screw securely holds the tool and prevents the tool from rotating when machining.

What kind of bits do MAG drills use?

A portable magnetic drill press with core drill bits (annular cutters) makes holes above 12 mm diameter. For the holes below 12 mm diameter, one can use twist drill bits. The core drill bits used for these machines are generally produced from high speed steels (HSS) and tungsten carbide tip (TCT).

What is a broach cutter?

An annular cutter (also called as core drill, core cutter, broach cutter, trepanning drill, hole saw, or cup-type cutter) is form of core drill used to create holes in metal. An annular cutter, named after the annulus shape, cuts only a groove at the periphery of the hole and leaves a solid core or slug at the center.

What is TCT cutter?

Tungsten carbide tipped (TCT) broach cutter / annular. read more…