Can you have more than one radio on a SiriusXM account?

Once you switch from a trial into a paying subscription, you can combine multiple radios into one account and you may be eligible for a discount on the additional radios. If you want to combine accounts or determine if you are eligible for a Family Discount, just call Listener Care at 1-866-635-2349.

How much do you pay for SiriusXM?

SiriusXM Standard Pricing: $4.99 per Month

Plan Name Trial Terms Regular Price
Sirius 3-Month Free Trial 3 months free for every channel on your radio plus streaming online and on the app $22.99 per month
Streaming Platinum 3 months for $1 to stream online or on the app $10.99 per month

What is cheaper than SiriusXM?

The best alternative is Spotify, which is free. Other great apps like SiriusXM are (Freemium), Deezer (Freemium), Pandora (Freemium) and TuneIn Radio (Freemium).

Are Sirius and XM Radio the same thing?

In North America, the two satellite radio options are both owned and operated by the same company: Sirius XM Radio. These services were originally operated by different companies, but they merged in 2008 when it became clear that neither could survive on its own.

Does Sirius XM Radio Service better than Spotify?

Which is better Sirius XM or Spotify? Sirius XM wins when it comes to profitability, but Spotify scores two points: one for growth and another for having, potentially, a much larger addressable market. Spotify’s P/FCF ratio is high at 67, but its free cash flow soared 121% over the last year.

How to cancel Sirius XM?

Log into your account via their website.

  • Find the “Manage Your Account” option at the top of the page and click on it.
  • Click on “Change Billing Info.”
  • Click on “Cancel Service.” The company has stated that calling their representative is the best way to follow if you want to know how to cancel SiriusXM subscription.
  • How do you cancel Sirius XM Radio?

    Click on the “Cancel Service” option, and your online XM Radio Online account will be canceled. Call XM Listener Care at 1-800-XM-RADIO if you want to cancel your XM Satellite Radio subscription; to do so, you must speak directly to a customer-service representative.