Can I use my passport with my maiden name Australia?

You must show proof of any new name(s), including spelling changes, when you apply for a new passport. The replacement passport will have the same expiry date as your original passport. You may need to provide additional documentation in order for the fee to be waived.

Is a passport with maiden name valid?

Can you use a passport with a maiden name? Yes, you can keep using your passport with the previous name on it. Although there is no obligation, the officials recommend updating the travel document, so it reflects your current name.

Do I have to change my maiden name on my passport?

When traveling internationally the name on your airline ticket must match your passport. If that is your maiden name or 2nd or 3rd married name, then be sure to use that name for an international airline ticket. Your passport and social security name do not need to match.

Can I revert to my maiden name without divorce?

If you separate, you can revert back to using your maiden name (or a completely different name) immediately by using a deed poll. It is a good way of announcing that you are no longer together and that you are an independent person again without waiting for a divorce to complete.

What do I do if my passport has my maiden name?

As long as you can send in your most recent US passport issued as an adult and it is undamaged and has not been expired for more than five years, then Form DS-82 is acceptable to change your maiden name.

How do I change back to my maiden name after marriage?

Maiden Name Change After Divorce in California

  1. Prepare an Application to Restore Your Former Name.
  2. File Your Application and Order in the correct court. Pay the required fees.
  3. Get Your Court Order and Certified Copy(s) of it. Change your ID and Official Records.

Can You Change Your Name on two passports in Australia?

You can’t have different Australian passports in different names. If you have two or more concurrent passports, and you want to change your name in one of them, then you have to change all of them at the same time. How do I get a passport in my new name?

How do I change my name to my maiden name?

You simply need to take with you a copy of the Marriage Certificate, Birth Certificate and, if applicable, the Divorce Order to the relevant institutions and inform them that you are reverting to your maiden name. I registered my change of name when I got married, now what do I do?

How do I change my name legally in Western Australia?

You must be 18 years of age or older and born and/or had your birth registered in Western Australia to change your name using the BDM400 Register a Change of Name (Adult) application form. You can only change your name once in any 12 month period unless there are exceptional circumstances such as personal safety issues.

What happens to my passport when I Change my Name?

Your passport will be updated with your new name, however the expiry date will remain as per your existing passport. If you have legally changed names, are reverting to your maiden name without divorce or have less than 2 years validity remaining you must apply for a 10 year replacement passport and full fees are payable.