Can I teach in England with a PGCE?

Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) In England and Wales, PGCEs are offered on all university-led courses and most school-led courses. To teach as a qualified teacher in England, you only need QTS, but you might find gaining a PGCE advantageous if you’re considering teaching in Scotland or overseas.

Can you teach in the UK without a PGCE?

No. Contrary to popular belief, you do not need a PGCE to teach. The PGCE is an additional qualification earned alongside QTS. It isn’t necessary to earn a PGCE to teach in the UK, but it can be useful if you wish to teach in Scotland or the US, as it is a internationally recognised qualification.

What age is post compulsory education?

This programme enables you to meet the Professional Standards for the lifelong learning sector. It equips you with the knowledge and practical skills you need to teach a diverse range of learners, including those in the 14-19 age bracket as well as more mature students.

What is the post compulsory education sector?

The sector of post-compulsory education and lifelong learning is a wide and diverse one, covering areas such as the study of 14-19 education and training, further and higher education, adult education, informal learning and lifelong learning.

What is a PGCE equivalent to UK?

The Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) in England is similar to the PGCE, but contains up to 120 credits at master’s degree level. Some training programmes give you the chance to earn the credits required for a full master’s degree once you’ve completed your training.

Can you have QTS without PGCE?

Can you study for QTS without PGCE? Yes, you can! But make sure you check with your training provider – the PGCE is optional at United Teaching, but the vast majority of trainees opt to complete it alongside gaining QTS.

Can I do QTS without PGCE?

You don’t need a PGCE qualification to teach in England, although you may find it useful later on if, for example, you want to teach in another country, or go on to complete a master’s degree.

What is a PGCE course?

The (PGCE) Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PcET) course comprises 120 credits undertaken at Level 6 (60 credits) and Level 7 (60 credits). This teacher training course aims to develop professional values and key practical skills for teaching at this level with a strong pedagogical underpinning.

What is a post compulsory education certificate?

The Postgraduate Certificate in Post Compulsory Education and Training (PcET) qualifies you to teach in the further, adult and vocational education sector. It is a full, nationally-recognised teaching qualification, specifically designed for those aiming to teach a vocational subject in areas such as Business, Health and Social Care, Media and IT.

Why choose Wolverhampton for graduate teacher training?

A national survey conducted by the Centre for Education and Employment Research has ranked Wolverhampton as the second most successful UK Higher Education Institute for graduate teacher training employment. 88% of primary NQTs in 2012 rated the overall quality of their training as very good or good.

How many days of the 36 week PGCE course will be spent?

120 days (24 weeks) of the 36 week PGCE course will be spent in schools. You will undertake two assesed placements in two different schools. We try to take your geographical location into account when placing you in schools but our first concern is to ensure that you have a high quality school placement that can provide a range of experiences.