Can 8620 be thru hardened?

8620 can be hardened to 1500° F followed by water quench. Carburize at 1650° – 1700° F in an appropriate carburizing medium and oil quench to harden. Tempering of carburized parts is done at 250° – 300° F and will result in the alloy having a core strength of approximately 135,000 psi minimum.

What kind of material is 8620?

alloy steel
AISI 8620 alloy steel is a common, carburizing alloy steel. This alloy steel is flexible during hardening treatments, thus enabling improvement of case/core properties.

What is the hardness of 31 material?


Elongation 30%
Modulus of elasticity 215 000 N/mm²
Density 7.8 Kg/m3
Hardness 63 HRC

Is 8620 high alloy steel?

A medium-strength, low-carbon alloy steel, 8620 contains good toughness and strength properties, along with good core strength. Additionally, it is the most widely used carburizing alloy steel.

Is 8620 a carbon steel?

8620 is a low carbon nickel chromium molybdenum alloy steel with good carburized properties. The nickel content contributes to a high strength case toughness and above average core toughness.

What is the hardness of P20 steel?

P20 tool steels are tempered at 482-593°C (900 to 1100°F) for a Rockwell C hardness of 37 to 28.

What is the hardness of EN24?

248/302 HB
EN24T is used in components such as gears, shafts, studs and bolts, its hardness is in the range 248/302 HB. EN24T can be further surface-hardened to create components with enhanced wear resistance by induction or nitriding processing.

What is the tensile strength of 8620 steel?

The 400°C tempering after brine-water quenching is found to be an optimal process for the SAE 8620 steel to exhibit an excellent overall performance. These 400°C tempered specimens can exhibit an ultimate tensile strength of 1100 MPa and a brittle-ductile transient temperature of -40°C.

What does 8620 steel mean?

8620 round bar is a “triple alloy” steel also referred to as nickel chromium molybdenum steel. 8620 steel bar is largely composed of carbon, and is considered a sturdy alloy. The nickel properties result in toughness and ductility, and the chromium and molybdenum increase hardness penetration and wear.

What is 8620 material?

8620 RD. 8620 is a “triple alloy” carburizing material. The nickel properties imparts good toughness and ductility, and the chromium and molybdenum contribute increased hardness penetration and wear. 8620 material is readily carburized, and the well-balanced alloy content permits hardening to produce a strong, tough core and high case hardness.

What is 8620 steel?

8620 Steel is a carburizing alloy steel that can be used in a variety of medium strength applications. In addition, 8620 steel is provided in Hot Roll condition or HR. It’s a low Carbon, Ni – Cr – Mo (Nickel Chromium Molybdenum) alloy.