Are TaylorMade speed blades forgiving?

Overview. Speedblades are a cavity-back, cast iron with a moderate amount of offset and a brushed finish. The size and shape looks appealing and doesn’t look as forgiving as we now know they are. The SpeedBlade irons have a two-tone, satin nickel chrome plating with dark smoke satin ion plating that looks great.

Are speed Blades game improvement irons?

Are Taylormade Speedblade irons, “game improvement irons”? Yes! In a nutshell, any irons that help a beginner or novice to hit more consistently and offer forgiveness could be considered game improvement irons.

What loft is a TaylorMade SpeedBlade pitching wedge?

The TaylorMade Speedblade pitching wedge, to give it its full name, has a loft of 45 degrees, which makes it quite a strong-lofted club, and one that goes a long way (in a manner of speaking).

What loft is a TaylorMade SpeedBlade 7 iron?

30.5° loft
The standard SpeedBlade 7-iron is strong at 30.5° loft, the same as the RocketBladez, and the average carry distance was similar as a result – very long. The gapping works really well throughout the set and it feels strong with a penetrating ball flight.

Are Taylormade Speedblade irons forgiving?

Overall, these irons are long, the shots land softly, and they are very forgiving.

What is the loft of TaylorMade P790 irons?


LOFT 19.0° 45.0°
LIE 60.5° 64°
OFFSET 3.9mm 1.8mm
STEEL LENGTH 38.75″ 35.5″

Does TaylorMade make 3 irons?

The 3-iron is almost extinct. Titleist only offers a 3-iron in T100s, while the rest are void of 3-irons. TaylorMade provides 4-PW in the P790, P790Ti, and P770.

How much are the speedblade Irons worth?

The SpeedBlade irons have been on the market for more than 5 years thus finding a new set will be a challenge, used SpeedBlade sets are available for roughly $200 per set, the final asking price will depend on the condition of the clubs.

Are TaylorMade speedblade Irons easy to hit?

Truly easy to hit. These irons make the ball go a long way and land softly. Prior to the BMW Championship last year, TaylorMade unveiled the SpeedBlade iron. While not their first iron with Speed Pocket technology, it is the longest and widest Speed Pocket yet.

What makes the speedblade so successful?

The key to the Speedblade’s success lies in its bespoke technology. The brand calls this the “ speed pocket ” tech. In simple terms, it means the iron is “ progressively shaped .” The iron is about 3mm longer, which puts these in the mid to long products.

What is the difference between rocketbladez and speedblade Irons?

Although the Speed Pocket technology is also a main feature in the RocketBladez, it has been improved for the SpeedBlade irons. The Speed Pocket has been widened and lengthened; giving golfers more face area towards the heel and toe for added forgiveness.