Are old football programs worth anything?

In terms of factors to look out for when collecting: Age — anything over 50 years old is most collectible. Rarity — if there are many available, this will bring the value down. Popularity — programmes with an iconic footballer on the cover or detailing a famous match are the most prized and valuable.

How much are the Texas Longhorns worth?

Although the Texas Longhorns went through a lot this season, they continue to be the most valuable college football team, according to Forbes’ Chris Smith. The Longhorns are worth $139 million.

Which college football team is worth the most?

College Football Value Rankings

Rank School 2018 value ($)
1 Texas 1,105,493,378
2 Ohio State 1,048,166,317
3 Alabama 1,009,903,620
4 Michigan 924,625,003

Are old sports programs worth anything?

Unfortunately – or fortunately, depending how you look at it – there is currently no mainstream price guide for sports programs to serve as a frame of reference, though the older the program is, the higher resale value it generally has. Even old programs in poor shape can sell for thousands of dollars due to scarcity.

What is the most expensive football programme ever sold?

A football programme from the 1882 FA Cup Final between Blackburn Rovers and Old Etonians sold at auction for a world record of £35,250. The programme was sold by Sotheby’s in May 2013 to Old Etonians Football Club.

Is the Longhorn Network profitable?

While the Longhorn Network is one of the least profitable ventures in recent memory for ESPN and the Big 12, it is something that Texas is attached to at the moment. The original contract for the Longhorn Network with ESPN reportedly runs out in 2031, which is obviously a good ways from now.

How much is the Alabama football program worth?

#3 Alabama – $1.01 billion Alabama football is valued at over $1 billion, and as long as head coach Nick Saban is at the helm, that would only rise. The program has won five national championships in the last ten years. Their recent dominance on the gridiron is unmatched.

How much money does Notre Dame make from football?

Notre Dame – $54 million.

What is the oldest football Programme?

Programme for an association football match played at Hampden Park, Glasgow on 9 October 1875 between home side Queen’s Park and the Wanderers from London. It mentions the visiting club first and identifies individual players not by jersey numbers but by the colours of their stockings or caps.

What is vintage football programmes?

Collecting old football programmes is as old a hobby as the game itself. Vintage Football Programmes specialise in bringing you rare big match Football Programmes, all our old football programmes are genuine originals from decades gone by.

Why collect old football programmes and memorabilia?

We also offer programmes from off the continent including Real Madrid and Barcelona, and you will find European Cup Final programmes. Collecting old football programmes and memorabilia is not just a great hobby but also a great investment and gives the nostalgic supporter a chance to own a piece of their football clubs history.

What’s the oldest football programme you’ve ever kept?

“Among them was a 1932 Arsenal v Newcastle FA Cup final programme, a 1938 England v Scotland programme and another from a Scotland v England game in 1937. There was also a 1936 FA Cup semi-final programme. They’d all been kept by his grandad.”

How much is an old FA Cup programme worth?

For example, in 2013, a programme from the 1882 FA Cup final sold at auction for £35,250 and in February an Aston Villa programme fetched an eye-watering amount at Hansons Auctioneers’ Football Auction. The 1924 Aston Villa v Newcastle FA Cup final programme was contested to £2,100.