Are LPS toys discontinued?

Littlest Pet Shop is a toy franchise and cartoon series owned by Hasbro. This series premiered in 2012 and concluded in 2016 after 104 episodes.

Why is Littlest Pet Shop so expensive?

So, you may be asking why LPS toys sell for so much money. The answer is that Hasbro only releases so many of one particular pet. Littlest Pet Shop toys releases different ones to different parts of the states. In fact, there are a few rarer ones that have ONLY been released in the U.K. making them even harder to find.

How can you tell if a Littlest Pet Shop is rare?

Have you ever wondered how common is your LPS? Here are some ways to find out! Eyes Blue eyes are common Green eyes are uncommon Brown eyes SUPER uncommon Purple eyes are RARE!

Where can I watch Littlest Pet Shop 2021?

Watch Littlest Pet Shop | Netflix.

Do fake LPS have magnets?

They are definitely not a new thing, however, the pets that were made “pre-Hasbro” are called ‘vintage. ‘ A new version of the LPS was introduced by Hasbro in 2005. They featured pink magnets underneath, and then slowly progressed to gray magnets, and the newest pets do not have magnets at all, but rather, a hole.

Are LPS with magnets rare?

Since this is the case, LPS that were produced by Kenner Toys would be the rarest of all. Older pets have these magnets. The pets that have them are also retired and no longer in circulation. This makes it so out of the three types of paws, it is the rarest and most valuable.

How much is the Littlest Pet Shop LPs special edition mail away?

NRFB Hasbro Littlest Pet Shop LPS Special Edition Mail Away Platypus 1395 2009 5 out of 5 stars (3)Total Ratings 3, $13.00 New 2 Factory Littlest Pet Shop Lucky Pets Fortune Surprise Gold Lamp Wave 1

Where can I buy Littlest Pet Shop toys?

Shop a huge selection of Littlest Pet Shop Toys at, including the most popular characters. Low prices & free shipping on many items.

How many generations of Littlest Pet Shop toys are there?

There are five generations of Littlest Pet Shop toys that have been released by Hasbro. Generation One was originally released in 2005 and was the first line of toys in the pet franchise produced by Hasbro after they bought and merged with Kenner Products.

What kind of dog is Zoe from LPs?

Zoe: An adorable King Cavalier Spaniel with a beautiful singing voice, Zoe is the diva of the LPS group and prone to drama. Sunil: This blue banded pet mongoose loves to perform magic tricks for his Littlest Pet Shop friends, but his fear of bugs can be hard to overcome.