Are Down rods for ceiling fans Universal?

Ceiling fan downrods are not universal. Each manufacturer creates downrods to fit with their particular design of ceiling fans. They differ in their UL rating, diameter, color, and type of installation.

Is Downrods universal?

Are Ceiling Fan Downrods Universal? It is not recommended that ceiling fan downrods be treated as universal or interchangable across brands, but it is possible to find a match. The easiest way ensure a match is to purchase a downrod that is from the same manufacturer as your ceiling fan.

Can you shorten ceiling fan downrod?

Downrods, if not threaded at both ends can be custom cut but cannot be purchased at a custom length. Can I purchase any type of downrod for my ceiling fan?

How many blades should a ceiling fan have?

Most ceiling fans deigned for the home come with 4 to 5 blades for the ideal balance between the amount of air circulated and the amount of ambient noise. Whether you are looking for a new ceiling fan or wanting to replace an old fan, Martec has the right fan for you.

How long should a downrod be for a 20 foot ceiling?

Ceiling Height

Ceiling Height Downrod Length
11–13 ft (3.4–4 m) 20 in. (508 mm)
13–14 ft (4–4.3 m) 32 in. (813 mm)
14–16 ft* (4.3–4.9 m*) 48 in.* (1219 mm*)
16–18 ft* (4.9–5.5 m*) 60 in.* (1524 mm*)

What is a downrod coupler?

Fan Downrod couplers can be used to join 2 downrods together to create longer lengths. Couplers are available in all fan finishes.

What size downrod do I need for my Hampton bay ceiling fan?

This is the norm for a standard sized room, which has a height of eight to nine feet from the floor to the ceiling. With that being said, you can have a downrod which can be as long as 177 inches. See the below chart for more details on what size downrod you would need for your Hampton Bay ceiling fan:

Where can I buy Hampton bay downrods?

You can also check a local Home Depot store. Now – if you’ve already done that, and still not having luck – we have an assortment of Hampton Bay downrods available below.How can I shorten my down rod on my Hampton Bay (or other) ceiling fan? You would need to replace the rod with a shorter rod.

What does a downrod do on a ceiling fan?

A downrod suspends the fan from the ceiling, and the wiring also runs up within the downrod, providing a conduit for the wires. This also works to hide the wires out of the way. The downrod does provide some friction, so a fan that utilizes a downrod is more prone to vibration long term.

Does Home Depot sell downrod?

If you can’t find the downrod you’re looking for, try looking on the Home Depot website. They have a store locator on there where you can find a local Home Depot store. This will help you to find a downrod nearby. The local store may or may not have the downrod that you need, however.